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Pump systems for private households

One partner, many solutions

Discover our wide and varied range of high-efficiency pumps and pump systems for detached and semi-detached houses.

Domestic water supply

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Convenient and efficient

The responsible use of water as a valuable resource contributes to climate protection and at the same time saves costs. Wilo offers numerous convenient product solutions for domestic water supply in detached and semi-detached houses. This includes water extraction from wells, rainwater utilisation and pressure-boosting systems. Sustainability can be that simple and efficient.


Wilo provides efficient and sustainable solutions to help homeowners easily collect, store, and utilise rainwater. This harvested rainwater can be used for various purposes, such as convenient garden irrigation and more.

Our highlight products for Rainwater:

Wilo-RAIN3 Details
Wilo-RAIN1 Details

Raw Water Intake

Owning your own water-supply unit significant opportunities for cost savings and enhanced independence. Wilo's submersible pumps provide the ideal solution for this. These energy-efficient systems require minimal maintenance and have an exceptionally service life.

Our highlight products for Raw Water Intake:

Wilo-Extract FIRST Details
Wilo-Sub TWU 4 Plug & Pump Details

Water Distribution & Boosting

By having your own private water supply alongside the public water system, you can increase your independence as a homeowner, reduce your water expenses, and make a positive impact on the environment. Explore our range of self-priming pumps designed specifically for this purpose.

Our highlight products for Water Distribution & Boosting:

Wilo-Isar BOOST5 Details
Wilo-HiMulti 3 C Details
Wilo-HiMulti 3 Details

Sewage, wastewater and flood control

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Everything for the safe and reliable drainage around a detached house

Wilo provides reliable solutions for detached and semi-detached houses for safely disposing of domestic sewage and for the drainage of buildings and properties. As well as pumps and pump systems that drain the sewage via a natural gradient, these also include solutions for deeper wastewater connections, where there is a risk of backflow and basement flooding. Even for the extreme case of overflow caused by high water, Wilo has portable and reliable pump solutions for damage limitation available, which can be very quickly connected on site.

Wastewater Collection & Transport

Pumping your domestic sewage is an increasingly demanding task. Our energy-efficient and modern pump systems provide you with a secure and compehensive solution for safely collecting and quickly transporting your sewage.

Our highlight products for Wastewater Collection & Transport:

Wilo-DrainLift SANI CUT-S Details
Wilo-DrainLift SANI-S Details
Wilo-Rexa MINI3-S Details

Dewatering (incl. Flood control)

With our extensive range of products for dewatering and flood control, we have the perfect solution for your needs. Our sewage lifting units are designed as complete systems to ensure the reliable removal of wastewater and sewage. Equipped with durable hydraulics, our pumps guarantee maximum operational reliability while requiring minimal maintenance.

Our highlight products for Dewatering (incl. Flood control):

Wilo-Padus MINI3 Details
Wilo-Drain TMW 32 Details

Apartment Building Front


Our references for Building Services

The use of buildings increasingly requires the use of innovative and energy-saving systems made of optimally coordinated components. For detached and semi-detached houses, multi-residential buildings as well as for commercial establishments, we offer high-tech pumps and systems which always provide a reliable and environmentally friendly supply.

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The Wilo-Service: A reliable partnership

Whatever your path looks like, we're going with you.

With Wilo as your partner, you can not only be sure of choosing high-quality product solutions, but also of benefiting from a comprehensive, worry-free package of well thought-out services. We collaborate to develop a service concept tailored to your individual needs; with our expertise and personal consultancy, we make sure that the operation of your systems is as energy-efficient, reliable and economical as possible. All the while our competent Wilo service technicians are ready to assist you with fast, reliable and on-time support.

We call it: Pioneering for You.

You can find out about our entire service portfolio and familiarise yourself with our services here.

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