Energy Solutions (節能方案)

Our promise for the environment.


Pumps are responsible for around 10% of global energy consumption. This is a considerable amount, but at the same time it poses a great opportunity. After all, this is precisely where it is worth starting in order to reduce the operating costs for public, commercial and industrial buildings and systems. More than two-thirds of operators are currently still using pumps which consume more energy than is necessary in the building services sector alone. Proactive change has advantages for all sides. You save energy and costs, improve the sustainability balance of your buildings and installations, and bring your technology up to date at the same time. This significantly reduces the risk of equipment failure and further reduces maintenance costs. With Wilo-Energy Solutions, we point out possible energy savings and take responsibility for future generations and the fight against climate change. Wilo-Energy Solutions involves Wilo high-efficiency technology to proactively replace pumps and pump systems which are still functioning but are inefficient. This allows you to reduce the energy consumption of pumps in your buildings and systems by up to 90% and profit from added benefits such as future security, supply security and hygiene safety. Optimising or replacing existing systems with new, highly efficient solutions (products, services, know-how) also has a positive impact on operating costs, operational reliability and CO2 emissions.

泵浦約占全球能源消耗的10%。這是一個相當大的數量,但同時也是一個很好的機會。畢竟,這正是為降低公共、商業和工業建築及系統營運成本而值得去努力的地方。超過2/3的運營商目前仍在使用耗能龐大的泵浦,這些泵浦的能源消耗超過建築服務行業所需的能源。主動變革對各方都有好處。您可以節省能源和成本,改善建築物和設施的永續性平衡,同時讓您的技術保持最新狀態。這顯著降低了設備故障的風險,並進一步降低了維護成本。通過Wilo-Energy Solutons,我們指出可能的節能,並為後代子孫和應對氣候變遷盡份心力。威樂節能方案涉及威樂高效能技術,可主動更換仍在運作但效率低迷的泵浦及其系統。這使您可以將建築物和系統中泵浦的能耗降低達90%,並從像是未來安全、供應安全、和衛生安全等額外好處中獲益。用新的、高效能的解決方案(產品、服務、專門技術)優化或替換現有系統也對運營成本、可靠性和二氧化碳排放產生正面影響。

We offer you targeted consultancy and analysis, including the involvement of subsidies as well as comprehensive support around the changeover to high-efficiency technologies. That is what we call "Pioneering for You".


Our service for you:(我們為您提供的服務:)

  • Detailed assessment of the life cycle costs (LCC analysis)
  • 產品生命週期成本的詳盡評估(LCC分析)
  • Energy audit including information about energy saving potential
  • 能源審計(包括有關節能潛力的相關訊息)
  • Proactive recommendation of replacement options
  • 主動針對更換選項提供建議。
  • Improve the environmental performance of your system
  • 提供系統的環保效率。
  • Support for the changeover to Wilo high-efficiency pumps
  • 支援改用威樂高效能泵浦。

Energy efficiency(能源效率)

Would you like further information and solutions on the subject of energy efficiency?


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If you would like to find out for yourself simply and easily about the economic efficiency of existing pumps, then use our efficient Wilo-Select 4 pump advisor.

如果您想簡單輕鬆地了解現有泵浦的經濟效率,請使用我們高效的Wilo-Select 4泵浦顧問。

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Create your own tailor-made service! (創造你的專屬服務)

Wilo service packages offer you a high degree of flexibility and allow you to combine individual services together and thereby adapt the scope of the services to your individual needs. This way, you can not only achieve financial security, but also operational reliability. Installation checks, commissioning and maintenance – all part of your comprehensive Wilo service package. You will receive competent and professional advice from our service colleagues and get exactly the customised service offer you need for your specific product. We offer predefined service packages in three sizes to make it easier for you to combine the individual services.


Simply choose the scope of services that fits your requirements.


If required you can also easily adapt the packages individually to your needs and expand them with additional service modules.


Create your own tailor-made service!

Are you interested in an energy check? Please contact us and we will arrange a consultancy appointment with you.(您對能量檢查感興趣嗎?請聯繫我們,我們將與您安排諮詢預約服務。)

Our Wilo service technicians are on duty for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. No matter how things turn out: one call is all it takes to get support from our pump experts. They will help you quickly and professionally with direct coordination.


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