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Vogelperspektive auf Weltkugel mit Datenströmen

Facts & figures

At Wilo, we are open-minded – towards our staff, our customers and the public. This includes providing you with detailed information about our company. We present to you here the most important facts and figures. If you have any questions: we will be glad to help.

Transparency as a driver for strategic targets

A strategically-targeted expanded, international market presence is of great relevance to the Wilo Group. The company makes use of wide-ranging regional diversification to balance trends, fluctuations and risks in individual countries and regions. The opportunities that arise as a result are utilised in a targeted manner. This is a crucial success factor, especially in times when there are great cyclical challenges, escalating crises and ever-growing uncertainty.

Another strategic goal of the Wilo Group is to continue to sustainably strengthen our innovation and technological leadership and deliver profitable growth, even in the future. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to always be well-informed about our own metrics and to use these as the basis for decisions.

Important details at a glance

Besides values, goals and visions, a company is also guided by facts & figures. And as this is also of interest to our shareholders and stakeholders, Wilo presents this type of data clearly in the annual report and in other charts.