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Wilo Worldwide

As an international premium manufacturer of pumps and a world-leading driver of innovation, close proximity to our customers and partners is a necessary target. With our wide-ranging and efficient network of production and sales companies close to our customers, Wilo also has a contact point for your questions and requirements close to you.

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We are at home on every continent

As a reliable partner, maintaining proximity to our customers is of the utmost concern. We seek to identify new requirements first-hand and offer custom-tailored solutions that help our customers move forward and avoid setbacks.

With more than 90 production and distribution companies worldwide, we maintain a presence on every continent.

This ensures that we are able to respond to new growth markets and rising demand for high-performance technologies at all times.

Our distribution companies around the world

In addition to its own numerous international production sites, the Wilo Group also has a worldwide network of more than 60 subsidiaries. This allows us to serve our customers locally and supply them with custom-tailored solutions and products as quickly as possible.

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