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5 global Megatrends that reshape the world

Megatrends are far-reaching, global system-changing processes that gradually change the world in the long term - today and in the future. They impact society and influence politicians, businesses, and individuals in their daily lives. They are reflected in changing consumer behavior, changing values, or new technologies..

As a multinational technology group with locations all over the world, megatrends are an integral part of our corporate strategy. In this way, we actively contribute to solving the challenges associated with the megatrends.

Digital transformation driving change

Digitalisation: the key to effective problem-solving

The digital transformation is driven by the technological change heralded by disruptive new technologies. Digitalisation is fostering innovation and transformation by providing added value for customers through digital connectivity. Only those who are willing to question the status quo are set to succeed in the long term. This innovative approach helps develop new approaches and strategies, change perspectives, and make use of state-of-the-art tools. Digitalisation should never be an end in itself – instead, it should always be used systematically to achieve purposeful results.

Which 5 Megatrends inspire global change?

Within the framework of our strategic long-term planning, we have defined five global megatrends and the key factor digital transformation that impact the current and future business of the Wilo Group.

  • Urbanisation

  • Water Shortage

  • Globalisation 2.0

  • Climate Change

  • Energy Shortage


Megatrend: Urbanisation

As cities grow, so does demand for water and energy

The world’s population now numbers eight billion – and counting. Current UN forecasts predict that over 10 billion people will be living on our planet by 2060. At the same time, urban areas are growing apace: around half the global population lives in cities, and more and more people are moving from rural to metropolitan areas. In addition to the cities and metropolitan regions that already exist today and are continuously growing, entirely new cities are quickly emerging.

‘At Wilo, we view the Megatrends as global change processes that create an opportunity to transform our world and make people’s lives easier.’

Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group