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Sponsoring - Passion and Commitment in top Sports

Initiative, performance, teamwork and the unwavering determination to provide top quality are the four cornerstones of success. This is true for companies just like it is in top-performance sports.

Signal Iduna Park Stadion - BVB Sponsoring

Love for sports

This is also the reason behind Wilo’s active partnership with successful sports teams, ranging from football to rowing and beyond. We are enthusiastic in supporting our teams and their fans.

Borussia Dortmund - Tradition and common values

Schal mit Autogrammen von Borussia Dortmund auf der ISH 2017

Tradition, passion, success – three words that can be used to describe both Wilo and Borussia Dortmund and that make it clear why the decision to team up was an entirely logical choice for the top-rated international club and the innovative leader in high-tech pumps. Wilo has been supporting Borussia Dortmund as the club’s Champion Partner since 2011. The partnership has always been shaped by the core values mutually upheld by Wilo and Borussia Dortmund: efficiency, reliability, true passion and peak performance combined with an outstanding reputation around the globe and deep roots in their home town of Dortmund.

Wilo system solutions at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK

Fotoshooting BVBSignal Iduna Park Stadion

Wilo has complemented its support for the team by equipping Borussia Dortmund’s entire stadium – the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK – with technology made by Wilo. For example, Wilo pump systems now ensure the adequate irrigation of the pitch during the summer months and nurture the green turf in their function as the core element of the pitch heating system during the colder period over the winter.

Team German Men's Eight

The Wilo fleet on the road to success

Wilo has been the main sponsor of the German Men’s Eight rowing team since 2010. This partnership has proven to be a great success story for both parties. It is easy to understand why the team German Men’s Eight and Wilo are perfect partners in many respects: the 8,200 Wilo colleagues around the world also give their best every day to secure success. Giving their best for them means peak performance at all times, outstanding technology, full dedication and exemplary teamwork.

In addition to the Dortmund Rowing Centre’s flagship, Wilo also supports the Men’s Four and the Coxless Pair.

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