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Sponsoring - Passion and Commitment in top Sports

Initiative, performance, teamwork and the unwavering determination to provide top quality are the four cornerstones of success. This is true for companies just like it is in top-performance sports.

Love for sports

This is also the reason behind Wilo’s active partnership with successful sports teams, ranging from football to rowing and beyond. We are enthusiastic in supporting our teams and their fans.

Tradition and common values

Tradition, passion, success – three words that can be used to describe both Wilo and Borussia Dortmund and that make it clear why the decision to team up was an entirely logical choice for the top-rated international club and the innovative leader in high-tech pumps. Wilo has been supporting Borussia Dortmund as the club’s Champion Partner since 2011. Since 2023, we are also a Sustainability Partner of Borussia Dortmund.

Deeply rooted in our hometown Dortmund, we not only share the love for the game. We also act according to common values, beliefs, and goals. Each day we aspire to achieve excellence, not only in sports or business, but also for our society. Because every action counts Wilo and Borussia Dortmund are teaming up.

Our goal?

Wilo system solutions at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK

Fotoshooting BVBSignal Iduna Park Stadion

Wilo has complemented its support for the team by equipping Borussia Dortmund’s entire stadium – the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK – with technology made by Wilo. For example, Wilo pump systems now ensure the adequate irrigation of the pitch during the summer months and nurture the green turf in their function as the core element of the pitch heating system during the colder period over the winter.

Together for passion and fairness

Wilo sponsors the BVB women's handball team

From the 2022/23 season onwards, we are taking an active role not only in football, but also in supporting the BVB women's handball team - as well as all youth teams. With their passion and incomparable team spirit, they inspire their fans week after week. For years, the team has been among the absolute top in German and European women's handball. We are proud that we can deepen our partnership with Borussia Dortmund beyond football.

Diversity in focus

Wilo supports women's football at Borussia Dortmund

As part of the expanded partnership between Wilo and Borussia Dortmund, the company also supports the club's women's football teams. This move highlights Wilo's commitment to diversity and inclusion, not only in its corporate strategy but also in sports sponsorship. The proximity between the Wilo Park and the venues of the BVB women's football team underscores the local connection and commitment to promoting women's football in the region.

Logo Wilove Deutschland-Achter

Team German Men's Eight

The Wilo fleet on the road to success

Wilo has been the main sponsor of the Team German Men’s Eight since 2010. This partnership has proven to be a great success story for both parties. Together, we not only share a pursuit of excellence but also a deep affinity for the element of water. This mutual passion for the element connects us on a fundamental level. This partnership is not just a strategic decision, but an emotional connection that has a long tradition and uniquely unites our goals and values.

Besides supporting the team in the sporting sense, we also support the athletes in the best possible way in their simultaneous preparation for professional life by providing them with apprenticeships, internships and work-study opportunities, as well as awarding doctoral scholarships with the support of the Wilo Foundation.

In addition to the Dortmund Rowing Centre’s flagship, the German Men’s Eight, Wilo also supports the Men’s Four and the Coxless Pair.

Silver Laurel Leaf for Team German Men's Eight

Rowing World Champions Reunite and Receive Honors

Ten former and current members of the Team German Men's Eight, including world champions and Olympians, were honored with the Silver Laurel Leaf at the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The highest sporting recognition in Germany acknowledges their world championship titles and exemplary character traits. The first reunion in a while led to joyful exchanges and reminiscences. Some athletes have ended their careers, while others are preparing for the Olympic Games in Paris. The ceremony also served as an opportunity to plan a future alumni gathering in autumn.

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