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We do business in line with our values: with fairness, respect, integrity, passion and responsibility. This characterizes the business of the Wilo Group.

We have a common principle that is self-evident for all cultures of our globally operating company: the Wilo Code of Conduct. It is our central instrument, which strengthens our employees’ conformity with rules and values and which defines the basis for all our entrepreneurial actions.

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Our commitment to fairness and transparency

In our company, we attach great importance to open communication as well as transparent and correct business processes. Therefore, we are grateful for any reference to potential violations of laws, rules, policies and our Code of Conduct. For us, acting responsibly also means raising our voice and pointing out potential misconduct against our Code of Conduct - Speak Up!

Messages can be provided - also anonymously - via the internet-based SpeakUp system.

This is an externally operated, specially secured communication platform that allows you to leave aconfidential message to the Wilo Group via telephone or via web in your native language.

How do you report your request to us?

1. You have the option to leave an (anonymous) message via a web form or a free call.

2. In both cases, you will receive an individual case number. Please make a note of the number and keep it safely.

3. This case number is a personalized key that allows you to follow the status of your message and add more information if necessary. You will be asked to enter the key each time you access the system. This creates an anonymous mailbox. In this way, we keep you informed about the progress of our processing and can get in touch with you.

Compliance Office

Wilo Compliance Office
Wilopark 1
44263 Dortmund (Germany)