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Profile - Multinational technology group, innovative solutions

The Wilo Group is a multinational technology group and one of the world’s leading premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and the industrial sector. The last decade has seen us move from a hidden to a visible and connected champion. Wilo currently employs around 9,000 people around the globe. With innovative solutions, smart products and individual services, we make water move using intelligent, efficient and eco-friendly techniques. We are already digital pioneers in the industry with our products and solutions, processes and business models.

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‘With our solutions for the emerging technological and social challenges of our time, we provide clean water to millions of people around the world.’

Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group

Market segments

Installer Kalle working in boiler room

Building services

There is a growing focus on both economic efficiency and sustainability when it comes to commercial and private building use. This increasingly calls for the implementation of innovative systems that incorporate optimally coordinated components. In the market segments Building Services Residential and Building Services Commercial the Wilo portfolio has the energy-efficient concepts it needs to succeed. These involve heating technology and air conditioning as well as water supply and sewage disposal. Our products and system solutions are used in residential and public buildings, industrial or office buildings, hospitals and hotels.


We work closely with leading OEMs and manufacturers of products such as boilers, heat pumps and air-conditioning systems. The Wilo Group’s pumps and hydraulic systems offer the highest degree of reliability, flexibility and efficiency. OEM customers also benefit from our many years of experience, detailed knowledge of the market and extensive application expertise. As a pioneering partner for development, we think ahead and set trends. Taking into account current and future regulatory requirements, we anticipate new developments and evolutions in requirements on the global market. This allows us to develop and offer bespoke solutions. We offer a broad range of established, tried-and-tested integrated products and smart, tailored solutions for our OEM customers.

Water Management end-user - wastewater treatment

Water Management

Due to the fast pace of urbanisation and climate change as well as growing environmental pollution, water as a raw material is becoming a scarce and precious commodity in more and more regions of the world. Providing the rapidly growing global population with sufficient clean drinking water is a key issue. Demand for water from agriculture and industry is also skyrocketing worldwide. In light of this, safe and sufficient water treatment and supply already pose extensive global challenges. As a partner to the water management industry, we offer professional solutions designed to meet the increasingly complex requirements involved in drinking water extraction, water pumping, and the transportation and processing of sewage. Wilo pumps and Wilo pump systems for water management set standards worldwide in technical performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

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We develop and manufacture pumps that guarantee the highest level of reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. These are vital and process-critical factors for pumps and pump systems – particularly in industrial use. Our greatest strength in this market segment lies in support applications for processes in various sectors. Because every industrial environment places its own, sometimes extremely specific requirements on pumps and peripherals, we create individual concepts and solutions to suit every need. This approach ensures easy installation, safe operation, and efficient maintenance. Wilo pumps are used worldwide for applications such as for pumping cooling water in power plants. Other important applications include dewatering in the mining industry and food production.

Pioneering for You

11.02.2020 Dortmund Hoerde - Wilo Vorstand Dr Jochen Oplaender u Oliver Hermes - Copy Stephan Schuetze fuer WILO SE

Driving digital transformation

As a trailblazer for real developments and innovations, we leverage the advantages of digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether in Smart Urban Areas or in connected homes, the benefits are manifold: efficiency gains, sustainable use of resources, time savings, reliability, easy maintenance and much more. We harness digital transformation to develop smart solutions that connect people, products, and services as well as production processes and machines.

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Tackling global challenges with technology

We live in a time of crises and global challenges. This is demanding for all of us – whether as individuals, companies, or states. It takes an enormous effort and at least as much entrepreneurial spirit to find solutions for the challenges of our time. Wilo is taking the initiative with targeted measures and sophisticated technology solutions. Five megatrends guide our actions: urbanisation, water shortage, globalisation 2.0, climate change and energy shortage. ‘At Wilo, we always see crises as an opportunity to transform the world we live in and make life easier for people’, says President & CEO Oliver Hermes optimistically.

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Hydrogen: a key element in energy transition

In order to make climate-neutral energy a reality in all areas of life, we need a CO₂-free solution we can store and transport. As the energy source of the future, hydrogen has vast potential, especially in terms of the megatrend energy shortage. Wilo is leading the way as a pioneer in the development of products, systems and solutions for the hydrogen age. ‘As an innovation leader in the industry, Wilo always has been and still is a pioneer in energy efficiency’, says President & CEO Oliver Hermes. Green hydrogen in particular is a pivotal technology of the future when it comes to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

‘As an innovation leader in the industry, Wilo has always been – and remains – a pioneer in energy efficiency.’

Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group

Loving traditions. Living Innovations.

Ausstellung von Meilensteinen aus der Wilo-Geschichte mit einem historischen Bild

Loyal to our heritage

Founded in Dortmund in 1872 as the Kupfer- und Messingwarenfabrik Louis Opländer (copper- and brassware factory), Wilo has evolved from a local specialist to a global player and multinational technology group. With our long tradition behind us and our history in mind, we shape the future. As the majority shareholder with a stake of approximately 90 per cent, the Wilo-Foundation ensures the company’s continuity and independence. An uncompromising customer-driven mindset, immediate market proximity and, in particular, our culture of innovation have made us who we are: one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-tech pumps and pump systems. The last decade has seen us move from a hidden to a visible and connected champion. Wilo currently employs around 9,000 people around the globe.

Wilopark Annual Report 2020 Indoor, Outdoor

The Wilopark in Dortmund

The Wilopark is located in the south of Dortmund. Opened in February 2021, the new company headquarters combines environmental and economic sustainability with flexibility and space efficiency. The Factory is a bright and innovative production facility on the northern side of the Wilopark. The Pioneer Cube is the administration building located in the southern section. It dominates the Dortmund cityscape as seen from the Herdecke district and represents the new gateway to Dortmund. The Wilo Future Office concept in the Pioneer Cube provides employees with ergonomic and modern workspaces. Here, employees enjoy ideal working conditions for a range of different activities, from quiet individual work to collaborative project work.


Vorstand der Wilo Gruppe: Georg Weber (CTO), Oliver Hermes (Vorstandsvorsitzender und CEO), Mathias Weyers (CFO) und Dr. Patrick Niehr (CCO)

The Wilo Executive Board from left to right: Georg Weber, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Oliver Hermes, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Wilo Group, Mathias Weyers, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Dr. Patrick Niehr, Chief Change Officer (CCO).

A global player, rich in tradition

Currently, the Wilo Group has over 90 production and distribution companies in addition to WILO SE. In most cases, WILO SE holds a direct majority stake in its subsidiaries. WILO SE holds an indirect majority stake in only seven of its subsidiaries.

We are proud to be both - a global player and rich in tradition, with strong roots in Germany and successful divisions worldwide. Our management mirrors this approach. The Executive Board brings together committed and internationally renowned managers who work in harmony with the Supervisory Board for the long-term benefit of the whole company.

Our Guiding Principles

Focusing on the people

Customer and people-focussed

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Our customers are always the number one focus of our actions. Our goal is to make their lives easier through our products and services. We anticipate both current and future needs and problems and address them with innovative and highly efficient solutions. We want to continue to write the success story in this style.

Sustainable and responsible

Portraits und Gruppenbilder vom Wilopark Shooting

We take responsibility: for the people who work at Wilo, for our processes, products and services, for our cooperation with suppliers and partners, for our customers and markets. We act the way that resources are preserved for the future and that our children will have the same opportunities tomorrow that we have today. We support and promote causes wherever we see an opportunity to make the world and human life a bit easier.

Innovative and technology-driven

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We are leaders in innovation, and we want to be sure to maintain this position in the future. For us, innovation means improving, or even revolutionising, our processes, products and services. We take visionary ideas and turn them into intelligent solutions and groundbreaking new products and solutions that set the standard in the industry. We bring all Wilo ideas together systematically to make life easier.

Ambitious and goal-focussed

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We are ambitious. We set challenging goals for ourselves with regard to sustainability, innovation and growth. We seek to set the global standard in these areas with our company. And we can only do that together, as a Wilo team. Together, we combine our ideas, our commitment and our experience to create sustainable success.

Respect for tradition – with an eye on the future

We have a strong corporate culture, developed over the last 140 years and marked by the traditions of the Opländer family. With an eye towards the future, we monitor strategic developments on the world markets and increasingly digitalised society and make this the focus of our business. In fact, many of our innovative solutions are already providing answers to the diverse challenges of the coming years today. These include climate change, resource shortage, globalisation and the need for energy efficiency.