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Ruderblatt vom Deutschland Achter / wilove auf der ISH 2017

German Men’s Eight team

The Wilo fleet on the road to success

Wilo has been the main sponsor of the German Men’s Eight rowing team since 2010. This partnership has proven to be a great success story for both parties. It is easy to understand why the Men’s Eight and Wilo are perfect partners in many respects: the 7,800 Wilo colleagues around the world also give their best every day to secure success. Giving their best for them means peak performance at all times, outstanding technology, full dedication and exemplary teamwork.

In addition to the Dortmund Rowing Centre’s flagship, Wilo also supports the Men’s Four and the Coxless Pair.

Here you can see the current line-up of the boats for the season 2019:

Official line-up of the "Wilo fleet" for the current season:

After the victory on the Rotsee in Lucerne (Switzerland), the German Men's Eighth in addition to the reigning World Championhas now also has won the title of European Champion for the seventh time in a row . One year before the Olympic Games in Tokyo the guys put themselves further strongly into the belts and train for the coming challenges. We are looking forward to an exciting rowing year.


  • World Cup in Rotterdam/Netherlands (12 - 14 July 2019)

  • Training Camp in Völkermarkt, Austria (17 Juli – 4 August 2019)

  • Training Camp Munich, Germany (12 - 21 August 2019)

  • World Championships in Linz/Austria (25 August – 1 September 2019)

  • SH Netz Cup in Rendsburg (6 – 8 September 2019)