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"Acting in a future-oriented manner also means assuming responsibility for the common good, because companies and society are in the same boat today.”
Founder Dr.-Ing. E. h. Jochen Opländer

The Caspar Ludwig Opländer Foundation

... was founded by entrepreneur and founder Dr.-Ing. E. h. Jochen Opländer together with his children Claudia Reisbeck as well as Jan and Felix Opländer on 14 January 2011. At the beginning of 2016, the foundation was renamed “Wilo-Foundation” in order to emphasise the international dimension of its social commitment. Of course, nothing changed except the name, the goal and the intention of the foundation continue to exist.

The family foundation for continuity

With a share of equity of 90 %, the family foundation ensures the continuity of WILO SE. In addition, it pursues the goal of financial support for science, education, culture and sport. The focus areas of the funding are located both physically at the company locations of WILO SE as well as in terms of content in the future topics of environment, water & technology, talent development, international understanding and regional responsibility. Third-party projects are often supported in order to achieve these goals, with only a handful of selected funding projects being directly implemented. For example, until 2012, the nationwide “Wilo Förderpreis für Gebäudetechnik” (Wilo special award in building services) was awarded annually to students.

The foundation committees of the Wilo-Foundation

The executive bodies of the foundation are the board of trustees and the executive board. The executive board consists of Mrs Evi Hoch (social commitment) and Mr Wolfgang Mertineit (finances). The board of trustees, which consists of five persons, decides on the social and non-profit funding activities and on the use of funds. The composition of the board of trustees is formed, according to the founder’s wishes, by members of the family of founders and external experts.