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Sustainability Report 2023


We are convinced that in order to overcome the major crises of our time and become even more sustainable as a company, we need the courage to constantly look at things from new angles. From now on, we consider our Group-wide sustainability strategy to be overarching. All other functional corporate strategies are subordinate to it – without exception. Once again, we’re leading the way as a sustainability pioneer.

Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group






Our new sustainability strategy means we are undertaking a trailblazing change of perspective.Sustainability has always been an integral feature of the Wilo Group – it’s part of our DNA. From now on, however, the sustainability strategy is Wilo’s overarching business strategy, to which all other functional business strategies are now subordinate.

Our sustainability strategy consists of three impact areas. Within these, we have defined 10 key issues and assigned specific goals to them.Creating, Caring, Connecting. This three-pronged approach determines the work of the Wilo Group today and in the future. The sustainability strategy is nothing less than the driving force behind our multinational technology group Wilo.


Innovations that make a difference

We offer sustainable solutions.
Wilo technology moves water – highly efficiently, reliably, sustainably. We are improving the quality of life of people everywhere in the world through our innovative system solutions and services.


Taking responsibility and taking care

We are a responsible company.
Integrity, fairness, respect, passion and responsibility are the inviolable values by and with which Wilo works and lives.


We build bridges – networked throughout the world

We live strong partnerships.
The global challenges of our times can only be tackled by working together. We maintain a strong network of partners around the world and take responsibility for a more sustainable future.


Portrait Oliver Hermes

Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group

Ladies and Gentlemen,

2023 was another year marked by crisis. In turbulent times such as these, it becomes all the more important to act consistently and not lose sight of long-term sustainability goals. Our sustainability report shows that Wilo has successfully kept its focus on the end objective over the past year. The progress documented here is thanks to all of Wilo’s approximately 9,000 employees. They put themselves in the service of sustainability with their work every day.


2.0 TWh

Energy savings generated by high-efficiency Wilo pumps


Best rating received once again from EcoVadis

2.9 LTIR

Benchmark level in accident rates achieved


Participants at the Wilo industry conference in Singapore

17 %

Reduction in scope 1 and scope 2 emissions since 2020

67 tonnes

Old pumps from the take-back process

24 %

Increase in net sales in the area of clean water treatment

77 %

Employee Engagement Score