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Sustainability Management and Corporate Responsibility

Responsibility at Wilo

Acting sustainably means making use of (scarce) resources in a responsible manner and with foresight today so that they remain available tomorrow in sufficient quantities to be distributed globally in a fair way. At Wilo, there is one resource that remains particularly close to our hearts – water. As one of the world’s leading premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and the industrial sector, we work with this crucial element on a daily basis, moving it in the most intelligent, efficient and climate-friendly way possible. Always being aware of resources in how we think and act in a sustainable way form our core competences and make up a key component of our corporate culture.

'Since its foundation in 1872, the Wilo Group has evolved from a hidden to visible and connected champion. Sustainability has always been an integral part of our DNA.'

Oliver Hermes, President and CEO of the Wilo Group

Sustainability Management

At Wilo, sustainability management is seen as a function that cuts across all areas. Under the auspice of the Executive Board for Technology, the Sustainability Council further develops the content of the sustainability strategy, ensuring that it is firmly implemented within the organisation. Interdisciplinary in nature, it covers all of Wilo’s specialist departments.

Sustainability strategy

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Our sustainability strategy sets the framework for our corporate culture and goals. Climate protection is not just a component of our business model, but an integral part of our DNA. We rely on highly efficient pumps and a sustainable value chain to save energy and protect the environment. At Wilo, sustainability and social responsibility take top priority, embedded in our strategy and practices. Learn more about our goals until 2030 and how we're shaping a more sustainable future by Creating, Caring and Connecting.

Sustainability report archive

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The Wilo sustainability report provides information on an annual basis about the progress made within our corporate activities with regard to implementing our sustainability goals and the integration of the SDGs and principles laid out by the UN Global Compact. As part of this, the company looks at all of its processes and structures on a global basis.

Certifications and awards

Die Smart Factory in Dortmund ist als "Fabrik des Jahres 2022 im Transformationsfeld Digitalisierung" aus gezeichnet worden. Der Award wurde verliehen durch AT Kearney.

An external, independent evaluation of our work provides proof of our claims. Recently, Wilo, along with other organisations, was awarded the Platinum Medal by Ecovadis, which is the highest award that can be given. Furthermore, Wilo’s Smart Factory at its headquarters in Dortmund was named “Factory of the Year 2022” and the Wilo Group took home the German Sustainability Prize in the 2021 Climate category.

News from sustainability management

Social Impact

At Wilo, environmental and social responsibility are inextricably linked. That’s why we don’t just use our resources and knowledge in our core business, but also use them to address social issues in a constructive way, helping to shape the socio-environmental transformation.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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The Executive Board of the Wilo Group already signed the UN Global Compact in 2018, thereby strengthening our own commitments. In line with our business activities, Wilo exerts a particular influence on achieving goals 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 17.

Capacity building

Education and vocational training translate into economic participation and the shaping of society. Capacity building, specifically in countries in the Global South, allows us to share our knowledge and empower future generations to manage water and energy in a sustainable way.

Development cooperations (WASH / develoPPP)

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Water is a human right. By supporting WASH-projects we help people gain access to clean (drinkable) water and safe sanitation, hence meeting basic human needs. With our work in public-private development cooperations (develoPPPs) we enable regional, sustainable development.

International youth development

We want to empower future generations to help shape our globalised world of work and life. That is why we support initiatives that contribute to the professionalisation and networking of young specialists and managers within the framework of our internal international "Young Pioneers" programme.

Insights into our CSR projects

Corporate Political Responsibility

The economy, society and politics do not act in a vacuum. When faced with challenges that confront the whole of society in particular, cross-sector cooperation is required. We want to be able to responsibly make use of our influence and networks so that we can help to progress climate action, encourage innovation and advocate for democratic, free values.

The network effect

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All parties can benefit from reliable partnerships. This is why Wilo is a member of the German network of the United Nations Global Compact – the world’s largest and most important initiative acting for responsible global corporate governance – and why we are also one of “50 Climate & Sustainability Leaders”, helping to support a green and sustainable future.

Political dialogue

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Lobbying means representing interests. As long as it is carried out within the legal framework, it provides the foundation for a healthy democracy and social progress. Wilo takes part in the political dialogue in a party-neutral and constructive way, focussing on the issues that concern us. In the interests of transparency and accountability, we also disclose our activities in the German lobby register.

Events and campaigns

So that we can raise awareness of those issues we believe to be relevant to society and in order to share our knowledge and experience, Wilo is actively involved in networking and expert events. We also regularly look to hold discussions with our key stakeholders through our own campaigns and events, such as our annual industry conference.

Discover our CPR-projects

"I am confident that we can slow down climate change together and achieve global climate protection goals. With our efforts, we hope to encourage others to pursue sustainability and climate protection beyond company and national borders."

Oliver Hermes, President and CEO of the Wilo Group