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We are reducing emissions.
Consistent investments and innovative concepts are helping us continuously reduce our carbon footprint.

We are improving employee health.
The Health Cube is the new focal point of our international company health management.

We live diversity.
The Wilo family is colourful. We promote diversity through a strong strategy.

We remain a first choice employer.
Wilo will also remain attractive for skilled workers from all over the world.

We organise sustainable supply chains.
Wilo also pays attention to sustainability in upstream and downstream steps in the value chain.

We promote a value-based corporate culture.
We act responsibly and in compliance with rules and regulations.


Global centre for employee health

Wilo is setting the standard at the Group headquarters in Dortmund and investing in health with the Health Cube. Wilo employees worldwide and the entire Dortmund region will benefit from the innovative health centre. The official opening of the Health Cube is planned for the start of 2026. The concept: General practitioners, specialists and therapists will work on an outpatient basis to resolve their patients’ acute problems as well as actively support their long-term health at this modern location that will offer an integrated approach to medicine and high-quality treatments. All of this is made possible by a comprehensive offering of premium-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Consistent investments to reduce emissions

Wilo-Mitarbeiter an Photovoltaikanlage auf der Smart Factory, PV, Solaranlage

As a climate protection company, the Wilo Group has been driving a systematic reduction in its emissions for some time now. This is why the technology group set itself an ambitious goal several years ago: Production at all of the Wilo Group’s plants will be climate neutral by 2025. All of Wilo's European and Chinese sites have now been made climate neutral. A success that was preceded by consistent investments. For example, Wilo has made substantial investments in photovoltaic technology at the site and gradually increased the proportion of the electricity supply that it generates in-house in the past few years. Today, Wilo generates a capacity of 20 megawatt peak. The plant in Hof also plays its part here, as in 2023 Wilo implemented a new energy supply concept for the site.

EcoVadis ratings for sustainable supply chains

EcoVadis awarded Wilo’s sustainability engagement a platinum rating, the highest distinction awarded by the rating agency, for the second year in a row in 2023. The Wilo Group is now using the most internationally renowned sustainability rating to work together with its suppliers on a more sustainable future. The goal: All of Wilo’s key suppliers will be able to display an EcoVadis rating by 2030, making Wilo’s supply chains even more sustainable – verifiably. Following initial test runs in 2023, the first full survey will follow in 2024 with the aim of reaching a target rate of 20 percent. The initial feedback is extremely promising.

Ambitious climate goals Reduce group-wide greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transformation to climate neutrality Scope 1 and scope 2 emissions (t CO2)
Scope 3 emissions (t CO2)
First choice employer Promote employee engagement Engagement score
Ensure a safe and healthy working environment LTIR (work-related accidents)
Increase diversity in Wilo teams Women in management
positions (%)
Nationalities in Wilo teams (%)
Sustainable supply chains Reduce emissions from purchased materials CO2 emissions (t)
Improve sustainability in the supply chain Ratio of certified suppliers (%)
Responsible business conduct Anchor ethical company values through the Group Coverage rate business ethics training (%)