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Impact Area


We are improving people’s quality of life – around the world.
Wilo has a positive impact on people’s living conditions all around the world.

We are creating sustainable urban living spaces.
Megacities are growing, new planned cities are being developed. We are making a contribution here with our products, systems and solutions.

We are increasing energy security.
Energy is in scarce supply. High-efficiency Wilo pumps and pump systems save electricity.

We are improving access to clean water.
We move the world’s most important component of food: water.

We are ensuring food security.
We deliver visionary large-scale projects that ensure the water supply for agriculture.

We are slowing climate change.
Wilo products, systems and solutions help tackle what is probably the greatest crisis of our times.

We are developing products, systems and solutions for the digital age.
Because the most intelligent solutions are the most sustainable.


Sustainable ideas for the city life of tomorrow

They are the embodiment of visionary, urban spaces:
planned cities. As smart and, above all, sustainable living, working and social spaces, they offers answers to the challenges that accompany global megatrends such as climate change and water stress. At least eleven of these new urban centres are being developed around the world, but especially in the Global South, including Nusantara in Indonesia, Alatau in Kazakhstan, Tashkent New City in Uzbekistan and NEOM in Saudi Arabia. Wilo is playing its part in realising these bold “cities of the future” with high-efficiency products, systems and solutions – for everything from building services through water supplies all the way up to safe sewage disposal.

Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q

High-efficiency technology for energy security

Global demand for energy is increasing, but the capacity of fossil fuels is limited. The consequence: In order to guarantee energy security in the long term, energy-intensive technologies have to be replaced and substituted with high-efficiency technology. China has therefore issued binding regulations governing energy efficiency in public buildings. The Zhaoguli Community Center is the largest residential construction project in Tianjin, a metropolis that is home to 13 million residents. Wilo has equipped the project with efficient Wilo-Atmos GIGA-B pumps that have helped reduce the energy consumption used in transmission and distribution by 45 percent.

Wilo-Atmos GIGA-B

Intelligent irrigation for food supplies

Agriculture is a pillar of the Indian economy and of immense importance for the supply of food for what is now the most populous country in the world. It is, however, critically dependent on the monsoon rains, which alternate with periods of severe drought. The Narmada-Malwa-Gambhir link project aims to level out these sharp fluctuations in the area of the Upper Chambal Basin, where only around 5.5 percent of cultivated areas is irrigated as of yet. Intelligent irrigation systems will provide water for around 50,000 hectares of arable land. The project will also improve the provision of drinking water and water for industrial purposes. More than 150 villages will benefit from this project, for which Wilo has delivered Wilo Vertical Turbine pumps, among others.

Wilo-Vertical Turbine Pump

Reliable water solutions Improve access to clean water Growth rate cold water applications
Growth rate water treatment
High-efficiency technologies Drive decarbonisation and
climate protection
Annual energy saving (TWh)
Sustainable product design Provide transparency about the environmental footprint of our products Availability of environmental footprints (%)
Contribute to the circular economy transition Ratio of recycling content (%)