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Sustainability strategy and programme

Sustainability strategy and programme

In the course of its regular strategy review, the Wilo Group examined and refined its corporate strategy in the 2023 year review, adjusting it to new challenges that are emerging from changes in the social, economic and technological environment.

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The successful Ambition 2025 corporate strategy has been expanded and developed into Ambition 2030. One element that has to be especially highlighted in this connection is the now much closer linkage and harmonisation with the sustainability strategy. In the future, the sustainability strategy will form the overall framework for the corporate strategy and the functional strategies derived from it. Climate protection is a core element of the Wilo Group’s business model and is thus an integral part of its corporate culture. On the one hand, highly efficient pumps and pump systems enable Wilo customers from all areas of application in building services, water management and industry to save energy and thus achieve their own climate goals. On the other, the Wilo Group organises its entire value chain to keep its impacts on the environment as low as possible and even to totally eliminate them. The Wilo Group is fully aware of its social responsibility here and endeavours to ensure that its ambitions for growth are always consistent with environmentally and socially responsible action. In this respect, sustainability and social responsibility play an important role in all decision-making and business processes at Wilo. This has been reinforced by the overarching position given to the sustainability strategy and the explicit inclusion of sustainability goals in the strategy development process.

The Wilo sustainability strategy is consistently focused on three impact areas, for which long-term goals up to 2030 have been defined: Creating, Caring and Connecting. This approach allows integrated sustainability management to be incorporated and progress in achieving key goals to be documented transparently.


Creating covers the sustainable contribution made by Wilo products and solutions to improving people’s quality of life. Wilo technology moves water – highly efficiently, reliably and sustainably. Wilo thus plays an influential role in reliably covering the fundamental need for water infrastructure and on enabling more people to access clean water. At the same time, the high-efficiency technology creates enormous potential for saving energy and thus represents a significant level for achieving the climate protection goals.

Reliable water solutions Improve access to clean water Growth rate cold water applications
Growth rate water treatment
High-efficiency technologies Drive decarbonisation and
climate protection
Annual energy saving (TWh)
Sustainable product design Provide transparency about the environmental footprint of our products Availability of environmental footprints (%)
Contribute to the circular economy transition Ratio of recycling content (%)


Caring describes Wilo’s responsible action in relation to the environment, the company’s employees and society in general. The focus here in placed on the goals to reduce emissions and achieve climate neutrality at the production sites and also along the entire value chain. In terms of its own workforce, the emphasis is placed on encouraging employee engagement, creating a healthy working environment and implementing the Wilo diversity strategy. Because Wilo is an industrial company with operations around the world, ensuring a sustainable supply chain is also a central goal in this impact area.

Ambitious climate goals Reduce group-wide greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transformation to climate neutrality Scope 1 and scope 2 emissions (t CO2)
Scope 3 emissions (t CO2)
First choice employer Promote employee engagement Engagement score
Ensure a safe and healthy working environment LTIR (work-related accidents)
Increase diversity in Wilo teams Women in management
positions (%)
Nationalities in Wilo teams (%)
Sustainable supply chains Reduce emissions from purchased materials CO2 emissions (t)
Improve sustainability in the supply chain Ratio of certified suppliers (%)
Responsible business conduct Anchor ethical company values through the Group Coverage rate business ethics training (%)


Connecting stands for increasing sustainable impacts through the commitment to strong international partnerships. The global challenges of our times can only be tackled by working together. Wilo maintains a strong network of partners around the whole world and takes responsibility for designing a more sustainable future.

Effective capacity development Empower people & organizations to shape sustainable growth Programmes implemented and people enabled (number)
Strong global relations Strengthen engagement in global initiatives and networking activities Connected people from science, economics, politics and civil society from around the world (number)
Corporate political responsibility Foster political engagement to design the socio-political conditions