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WiloPark Dortmund Factory LED Wall

Wilo builds the Future

Wilo builds the future – Wilo Campus sets new standards

The master plan for Wilo Campus encompasses the largest site-development programme in the company’s history in Dortmund: The entire Wilo site is being replanned.

In the course of the site development, WILO SE will be implementing an efficient fusion of the administrative and production areas on the site. The aim is to bring together the currently separate locations so as to make better use of the synergies that already exist.

The Wilo Campus – the new “city gate”

WiloPark Dortmund Factory LED Wall

A new site – the Wilo Campus – is being developed at Nortkirchenstraße in the south of Dortmund. It will be a new corporate headquarters that will unite ecological and economical sustainability, just as it unites flexibility and the efficient use of floorspace.

The Smart Factory, an innovative light-flooded production building with ample parking for employees is being constructed on the northern side of Nortkirchenstraße, the “North Campus”.

The administration building planned for the southern side of Nortkirchenstraße, the “South Campus”, will shape the urban landscape of Dortmund as the new “city gate” into Dortmund.

The Wilo Future Office concept implemented in the administration building provides employees with ergonomic and modern working spaces. This will offer ideal working conditions for a range of different activities, from quiet individual work to collaborative project work.

The project in its entirety

The Wilo Campus will be divided by the factory’s own Campus avenue running along today’s Nortkirchenstraße and will be open to pedestrians, cyclists and public bus transport during the day. A central plaza, called Wiloop, will connect the “North Campus” with the “South Campus” in a clever way that minimises walking distances. Public access to the property via the new Nortkirchenstraße will be relocated to the northern side of the property. This ensures the smooth transport of goods to the “Smart Factory” and connects the Wilo Campus to the new Phoenix West innovation centre.

The spacious factory foyer is the starting point for visitor tours. The glass walls of the technical centre in the middle of the foyer allow visitors to see the Wilo product portfolio in live operation. A walk across the “Skywalk”, a bridge that internally connects the administration areas, offers visitors insights into Wilo’s optimised production processes.

Design and communication

The facade design and choice of materials, especially the large proportion of glass, provide transparency. Attractiveness from the outside and natural light for employees working in the high bays also provide for a sustainable energy concept. Those within the building can look to the outside as well as into the offices. The transparent design of the building makes the material and production flow visible. The production planners and production manager enjoy an unobstructed direct view into the production areas from their offices on the first floor close to production, while production personnel have direct contact to controlling and material planning. The objective is to remove the barriers between the individual work areas and create the space needed for an open working culture.

Come along and take a look at our production – live! We look forward to seeing you at Wilo Campus!