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150th Anniversary Gift: Dortmund Youth Choir's concert

Busan, 12th October 2022

The Dortmund Youth Choir visited Korea on the occasion of Wilo's 150th anniversary. The Dortmund Youth Choir, led by Narae Joung conductor, is an outstanding choir that won the youth ensemble competition and is sponsored by the Wilo Foundation.

Before the concert, the choir members were invited to a factory tour through the Wilo Korea factory where they were able to see the process of pump production.

The concert was held at the Gimhae Arts Center near the factory of Wilo Korea. It was attended by employees of Wilo Korea, their families, and sales & service partners.

At the beginning of the concert, there were greetings via video messages from Mr. Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group, and Evi Hoch from Wilo Foundation. Another highlight was the introduction to the history of Wilo Group and Wilo Korea.

The Dortmund Youth Choir sang a variety of Korean music. Among them, Arirang, Korea's representative song, which was impressing to the audience. Ha Seo-hyun of Korea, along with Dortmund Youth Choir, made a special appearance in Korean traditional costumes. A special surprise that was very welcomed by the attendees were the Choir's greetings in Korean language.

Daniel Jun, Managing Director of Wilo Korea, commented in his speech, "Wilo will continue to inherit Wilo’s proud tradition and introduce more innovative products. I'm grateful to everyone who attended today to celebrate Wilo’s 150th anniversary”.