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4 Apr 2022 Wilo TV

Loving Traditions. Living Innovations. – Anniversary year for Wilo


In this episode, Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group, outlines the activities in the anniversary year and two Wilo employees explain why their hearts beat for Wilo.

Since our founding in 1872, Wilo has seen itself as a pioneer and a company with vision and foresight. Our values and innovative spirit have been our main success factor in the past and will also determine our future. That is why our motto is: Loving Traditions. Living Innovations!

We develop sustainable technologies that help people all around the world. This is the ultimate way we can make our vision come true. The vision that Wilo is a solutions provider for a smart and resource-efficient world. The focus lies on our pumps and pump systems as the heart of any system in which water is moved.

When Caspar Ludwig Opländer – better known as Louis – founded the company in 1872 as the "copper- and brassware factory Louis Opländer" in Dortmund, the company was still producing distillation equipment for the drinks industry. That was the foundation on which Wilo was established. This was followed by exceptional development that led to its position as a leader in innovation.

Wilo now looks back on 150 years of company history, in which the company has left its mark worldwide. From steam heaters and hot-water heating systems to smart solutions, from the brass factory “Louis Opländer” to Wilo, the digital pioneer of the pump industry.

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