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3 Jul 2024 Sport

Wilo and the Team German Men’s Eight

Sponsoring Interview

Responsibility as a cornerstone

A partnership for sustainable success

For Wilo, the Wilo-Foundation and the German men’s eight, responsibility is more than just a buzzword - it is the foundation of a strong partnership that has developed over the past years. This is why we work together to support the next generation of athletes and future Wilo colleagues. A living example of this is our mentoring program, which promotes a valuable mentoring relationship between experienced team members and talented young people.

Living social responsibility

At Wilo, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but an integral part of our corporate culture, which we live day by day. This social commitment is also reflected in our active involvement as ambassadors for various social and environmental projects and connects us with the German men’s eight. For example, the national rowing team acts as an ambassador for a special cup for schools, while Wilo and the Wilo-Foundation support the "Jugend forscht" competition and numerous other educational and innovation projects. The rowers are also involved as ambassadors for the “Global Nature Fund's” living lakes network.

Promoting top-class sport

Wilo's commitment to top-class sport goes hand in hand with the promotion of career prospects. We are proud to have been recognized as an elite sports-friendly company. This recognition underlines our conviction that it is important to open professional opportunities for athletes during their active sporting careers.

The partnership between Wilo, the Wilo-Foundation and the German men’s eight is a living example of how responsibility is actively practiced. Through our joint commitment to people, the environment and success, we are sending a strong signal for a sustainable and responsible future.

Wilo and the German men’s eight: Partners on the water and on the Wilopark

Justus Beckmann

Justus Beckmann, 19 years old, has been rowing for the rowing club in Bochum, Germany since he was nine years old. He has been training at the rowing performance centre in Dortmund in the U23 group since autumn 2022. His greatest success so far was taking part in the U23 European Championships in August 2023, where he finished fourth. Prior to that, he won the bronze medal in the men’s eight at the German U23 Championships in June 2023.

Justus is an apprentice in electronics for operating technology at Wilo. Justus explains when asked how he became aware of Wilo: "The distinctive Wilo green is known in rowing for a very long time." The top sports-friendly company enables him to pursue his sport and his apprentice with equal ambition.

Lennart van Beem

Lennart van Beem has been rowing on the Lake Baldeney in Essen since 2017 and has already taken part in two European Youth Championships.

''I became aware of the company through the partnership between Wilo and the German men’s eight. As a mechanical engineering student at the technical university of Dortmund, I completed my basic internship at Wilo in autumn 2023, which gave me exciting insights into the company. I worked with the apprentices in the training workshop, among other things," says Lennart in an interview.

Among other things, the cooperation with Wilo enables young athletes in the U23 training group to remain active at this level. Through projects between the training group and the company, they make valuable contacts and exchange ideas, for example through visits to the training workshop on the Wilopark.

Matthias Schmude

Matthias Schmude is a rower and innovator. With a strong technical background as a graduate engineer, Matthias found his way to Wilo in 2010 as a working student in the R&D department. He joined Wilo shortly before the company became the main sponsor of the German men’s eight, a happy coincidence that perfectly complemented his passion for technical innovations and water topics.

Matthias has achieved numerous successes in his rowing career, including several championship titles and top ranks at world championships. He brings his passion for rowing and his technical expertise to Wilo by championing innovative solutions and collaboration. "For me, the culture of cooperation at Wilo is a decisive factor for the company's success. We work together as a team in a "frollegial" way. So not only collegial, but also friendly," Matthias even invents a new term for the working atmosphere at Wilo.

He particularly appreciates the partnership between the German men’s eight and Wilo, which he has experienced as intensive and committed. He emphasizes the importance of Wilo's commitment and identification with the sport of rowing and sees the partnership as an opportunity to further develop the sport of rowing.

Peter Kling

Peter Kling, formerly Kluge, made a name for himself as a successful rower before joining Wilo as a working student in 2021. His rowing career began in 2002 at the “Hankensbüttel Grammar School” rowing club and later led him to the rowing club in Celle, Germany. He has established himself in the rowing world with impressive successes, including the junior world championship title in the men’s eight in 2008.

Wilo's presence in rowing was felt by Peter early on, which was reinforced by his move to Dortmund in 2013. Impressed by Wilo's consistency and sustainability concept, he joined as a working student in September 2021 and started as junior key account manager in September 2022 after completing his studies.

With Wilo's support, Peter and his colleagues can advance their dual career planning and perform at the highest level both athletically and professionally.

Richard Schmidt

Richard Schmidt is one of the most successful rowers of all time. After his active career, he brought his passion and expertise to a new professional challenge at Wilo. He joined the company immediately after the Olympic games 2021 and took over the management of a pioneering project in the field of hydrogen.

With a background in hydrogen research and a PhD from the technical university of Dortmund, Richard was predestined for his new role. Wilo offered him the unique opportunity to set up a completely new unit in the field of hydrogen. As project manager of the H2POWERPLANT on the Wilopark, he took responsibility for the planning and realization of this pioneering plant.

In addition to his role as project manager, Richard also leads the research and development activities in the field of hydrogen at Wilo. His goal is to develop a new electrolyze module that will reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the H2POWERPLANT. These endeavors are crucial to promoting a sustainable hydrogen economy.

In addition, Richard is also involved in coaching the German men’s eight. With his experience in rowing, including an Olympic victory in 2012, two silver medals in Rio and Tokyo and numerous world and European championship titles, he is a valuable support for the team.

Richard's impressive career from top athlete to innovator at Wilo illustrates how versatile talents can help create innovative solutions for the future.