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Wilo OEM solutions have been chosen by the French innovative company Li-Mithra for integrating Wilo pumps into a solution combining a heat pump with photovoltaic & thermal hybrid solar panels together with a hot water tank as energy storage.

Last May, this system obtained the certification Title V (conformity to Thermal Regulation 2012) therefore validating its energy efficiency. It is now available on the market.

This solution consists in cooling the solar panels by circulating the mixture water-glycol, which improves the performance of the solar panels while recovering the calories extracted for powering the heat pump. To do this, several small and big high-efficient Wilo circulators have been integrated into this solution: upstream for supplying the circuit between the panels and the heat pump, in the center to make the heat pump work and downstream to distribute water in the heating system.

This innovative solution for heating, sanitary hot water and air conditioning has already been adopted by individuals and public administrations. Li-Mithra Engineering already plans to sell between 3000 and 4000 per year.