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Wilo opens its doors to pupils and students

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Last January, Wilo welcomed pupils from the college in Aubigny to celebrate the Franco-German day and students from the INSA school in Bourges.

To celebrate Franco-German friendship, on Friday 24thJanuary 20, Wilo in Aubigny welcomed Germanist pupils from the college Gérard Philippe and 10 pupils from the PARI program which is specialized in integrating pupils in the professional world.

This is the Franco-German day, as a reference to the Elysée treaty signed in 1963, which was the start to the partnership between the company and the college in 2013. Now this is also the opportunity for the pupils to enter the industrial world and discover a company close to home. Apart from the celebration, the aim is to create a link between the students and their industrial environment (which is part of the pupils’ school program) to help them become more aware of the importance of learning foreign languages for their future career.

After a tasty German breakfast, the pupils were able to attend presentations about Wilo and its activities and the different jobs which exist. There was then a visit of the production unit where animations had been organized explaining how circulators are assembled and the way the different metal components are recycled. They were also able to see how automation works in the factory with the automatic guided vehicles and new assembly lines.

There is no doubt that the pupils will remember their visit and that they have realized the importance of foreign languages for their future career. There was a general understanding that an international company such as Wilo, in their close environment, may be a chance for a future apprenticeship as the company offers many specialties to discover.

For the 16 students from INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) school in Bourges who are in their final year of an Industrial Risk Management degree specializing in safety in logistics and robotics transport, they were more focused on flow management, organization with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and continuous improvement actions.

After a theoretical presentation of the logistics service and security policy inside the production unit, the students were able to visit the plant and see how our robots evolve. They were able to discover our digital piloting set up on certain workstations.

We are always pleased to welcome students and exchange with them. It is an opportunity for them to acquire an awareness of industrial reality and discover a factory in transition towards digitalization. This is also an opportunity for us to attract attention to various existing careers and the opportunities we may offer in terms of apprenticeship.

Stimulate young generations and make them want to join the industry is also part of our responsibility. This is why these partnerships are important to pursue. Our latest investments to turn our plant into a 4.0 industrial site certainly did not fail to give visibility to Wilo and increase our brand awareness locally.