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Wilo Intec participated to the DuoDay 2020

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A learning and enriching experience

DuoDay is a European operation which France has been participating at since 2018.

The idea is to create a duo between a person with a disability and an employee of a private or public company, to spend the day together, face-to-face or remotely. Students and people in search of employment, in a situation of disability, can thus discover companies and create links with the professional world. More generally, this event makes it possible to overcome this first obstacle to the employment of persons with disabilities.

For Wilo Intec, the subject of disability is not a taboo subject. We have been working in partnership with the ESAT Anaïs (Establishment and Service of Help by the Work) of Aubigny sur Nère for many years for the realization of various subcontracting works such as packaging, assembling of kits … as well as the maintenance of green spaces. And we are one of their biggest contributors locally. The objective of the ESAT Anaïs is to enable people with disabilities to learn a skill so that they can quickly use this ability with partner companies locally. In the sector of Aubigny these are the jobs related to the maintenance of premises, green spaces, services in companies or industrial subcontracting which are mainly promoted. This is a very dynamic association structure that is proactive in helping integrate the people they take care of.

It is therefore quite natural that we responded favorably to ESAT Anaïs and welcomed one of their employees on this DuoDay. Sébastien joined the logistics team and was able to discover goods receipt and shipping flows within the factory. Our employees Sylvain and Patrick showed him all the operations related to the job of storekeeper (physical and IT reception of components, putting into and taking out of stock) but also all the flow that exists from the arrival of the components in the factory, their route to assembly lines through AGVs (self-guided vehicles) their use on the same lines until the finished products are shipped.

At ESAT, part of Sébastien’s activities are dedicated to the supply of goods for Wilo Intec. He was able to discover the use made of it once received by the company and thus give meaning to his daily activities.

It was a very positive and rewarding experience both for Sébastien who was very impressed and showed great interest, which reinforced his plan to integrate a logistics department as a storekeeper, and for the Wilo employees who accompanied him on that day. DuoDay is precisely the right name as it is truly a give-and-take exchange, enriching on both sides.