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Wilo-Para and Wilo-Para MAXO acclaimed in China!

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Several important events for the development of our OEM activities in China have recently taken place and have highlighted our flagship high-efficiency products Wilo-Para and Wilo-Para MAXO!

The China HVAC Industry Development Summit* held in Hangzhou on 24 and 25 September 2021.

This event is aimed at the entire chain of the HVAC industry (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), including suppliers of components, refrigerants, compressors and complete equipment manufacturers. It brings together nearly 500 participants: industrialists, technical experts and research institutes, who study trends in the HVAC industry and plan its development at local and global level.

*organized by ChinaIOL with support from industry associations of the China Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry Association and the China Energy Conservation Association.

Wilo China awarded twice

During the event Wilo China was put forward and won 2 awards:

• «Gold manufacturer Award» for innovative companies in the field of climate engineering industry

• «TOP 10 Supply Chain Product Award» for the excellent performance of our main high efficiency circulator Wilo-Para dedicated to heating and cooling applications, available in several versions to best meet the requirements of our customers

The annual Conference of Heat Pump Industry* held in Wuhan on 11 and 12 October 2021

Wilo China introduced the new Wilo-Para MAXO product series at the high-level annual conference of the heat pump industry, which was attended by over 1,100 people.During the forum "Heat Pump System ‘2 in 1’" hosted by the conference, our Wilo OEM team gave its insights on Heat Pump market.

A booming market

The market for heat pumps is booming in Europe. Its development is also supported in China, notably thanks to the DeveloPPP programme of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) which aims to promote projects with sustainable development goals. In this context, the Wilo High Efficiency pumps for new generation of Heat Pumps are part of this program as perfectly designed to fit newest generations of heat pumps with low impact on global warming.

Launch Ceremony for Wilo-Para MAXO

A highlight of the forum was the official inauguration of Wilo-Para MAXO in the presence of many guests: Mr. Song Zhongkui, Secretary General of the ECSC (China Energy Conservation Association), Mr. Gao Yifeng, Deputy Director of the CHPA (China Heat Pump Alliance), Zhang Xu, Deputy Director of the HPAC Committee of the Chinese Refrigeration Association (CAR), and Zhang Xiaosong, Professor of Energy and Environment at Southeast University.

“We appreciate Wilo’s efforts over the years to promote the application of heat pump technology. And we also expect that Wilo, a German brand that has 150 years of history, shares the world’s leading-edge technology and continues to explore more advanced heat pump products and solutions to contribute to the development of the heat pump industry and advanced carbon neutrality goals.” Said Mr Song Zhongkui.

*organized by CHPA - Heat Pump Committee of China Energy Conservation Association (CECA)