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Wilo Intec awarded "Vitrine Industrie du Futur"

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A synonym for the success of change in the industry

Aubigny-sur-Nère. Our Wilo Group's French subsidiary, Wilo Intec, has received the "Vitrine Industrie du Futur" label.

The award recognizes efforts to achieve operational excellence through projects aimed at equipping our employees with modern tools that enable easy and autonomous management of activities.

The label is a synonym for the success of change in the industry. It is awarded by the Alliance Industrie du Futur to companies that have developed an innovative project for organizing their production, usually using digital technologies, and that put people at the heart of the transformation.

Wilo Intec joins the list of the 114 most innovative French companies. In 2020, the award was already given to Wilo France, another French subsidiary of the Wilo Group, for its production site in Laval.

Since 2017, our company, based in Aubigny sur Nère, has implemented projects to address various challenges, such as change in a growing market, energy transition, digital transformation and employee attractiveness.

Richard Judes, Group Vice President OEM Plant Operations of the Wilo Group, says: "We worked with all teams to define the key priorities for individual and collective performance. Our Industry of the Future program provides tools for digitalization and robotization that enable our employees to gain autonomy, competence and performance."

Project results at a glance:

  • Reduction of internal delivery times by a factor of 2 through the introduction of autonomous vehicles that ensure component deliveries in the factory
  • Increase in production by 30 % (from 4.5 million units to 6 million units/year) for iso M2 to meet market requirements
  • Strengthening skills (training and modernization of workstations) and employee autonomy (self-control thanks to real-time data)

The Alliance Industrie du Futur awards Wilo Intec for

  • the environmental practices and energy savings that make Wilo a leader and a role model in CSR,
  • the numerous links established in the local ecosystem, which are a response to the problems of recruitment and mobility of workers in a rural area,
  • the collaboration between employees and management throughout the project (creation - design - implementation - follow-up),
  • the use of a wide range of the standards of the industry of the future (robotization, cobotics, process digitization, autonomous vehicles, digital twins), and
  • the site's agility, its progress in environmental protection and its collaborative management, which makes it a showcase for the entire Group.
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