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Wilo corporate social responsibility

By people, for people

As a globally active premium supplier for building services, water management and industry, we bear a lot of responsibility towards our customers, society, the common good and the environment. Responsible conduct and social engagement are, therefore, an integral part of our successful business development strategy.

For the Wilo Group, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means more than donating and sponsoring. CSR with Wilo primarily stands for sustainable corporate management: fair business practices, employee-focused personnel policy in the intercultural context, economical use of natural resources, protection of climate and the environment, local engagement and responsibility in the supply chain.

Our local engagement

We believe that, as a global player with over 60 production and distribution companies on every continent, we must think both globally and locally in order to remain successful over the long term. Our goal is to ensure our social involvement in the regions where we operate and foster a positive image for our company in local communities.

For this reason, we are involved in numerous national and international corporate citizenship programmes to promote culture, education and development assistance for our immediate neighbours and surroundings. The following examples highlight our efforts in this area:

Charge the hose line! – Help for the Massai

Just turn on the tap to get some cool gushing water – what we take for granted is an unimaginable luxury in other parts of the world it. In Africa, for example, people suffer from severe water shortage. This problem has now been solved for around 2,000 people in North Tanzania. Thanks to the “Wells for the Massai” project and a donation from pump expert WILO SE, the Loltepes village, around 150 km south of the provincial capital Aruscha, is now supplied with water. Mr Peter Löser, Wilo regional representative in Northern Bavaria, handed over the pump donation worth several thousand euros to Mr Burkard Freitag, organiser of the “Wells for the Massai” project and emphasised: “As a globally active company that cares about sustainability, we are happy to support projects like the one organised by Burkard Freitag.” The wells, in which the pumps will operate, ensure water supply within a radius of approximately 30 kilometres around the village. The water points that have been set up thanks to the project are a great help for the village’s inhabitants. Today there is even a school and a kindergarten in Loltepes.

The Shikeng Wilo Hope Primary School in Yangxin

Almost half a century after their school was founded, the children at the Shikeng primary school once again have reason to look towards the future with hope. Although the school boasts a long and successful history – many former pupils have gone on to study at university – public funding was not enough to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the building. As a result, the building was deemed unsafe, and the school had to be rebuilt.

In 2008, Wilo China launched a campaign for donations to rebuild the Shikeng Primary School. Employees collected donations totalling RMB 170,000. Wilo added another RMB 50,000, bringing the total to RMB 220,000 (around EUR 23,500). In collaboration with the Yangxin schools office, RMB 200,000 were spent on rebuilding the Shikeng primary school, with the remaining 20,000 going towards the building of a library for another primary school.
The teaching building for the renamed Shikeng Wilo Hope Primary School was completed in 2010. The school currently houses 456 pupils and 20 teachers and administrative staff. As a symbol of thanks, the wall next to the school gate bears the names of all the donors, as well as the Wilo Group logo.

1,000 gingerbread hearts and a generous donation

More than 3,000 guests – employees and their friends and families – combined holiday spirit with generosity at the company’s Christmas market-themed Christmas party held at its headquarters in Dortmund. Wilo’s Executive Board used the opportunity of the joyous occasion to thank their employees for their outstanding performance in 2010: the company had a very successful year thanks to the full commitment of the staff at all levels.

Board chairman Hans-Jörg Banack was especially pleased to present the chair of the Dortmund Parents’ Association for Children Suffering from Leukaemia and Tumour-Related Illnesses with a generous staff donation of more than EUR 6,000. In addition to this, five slot car racetracks were given to ward K1 of the youth and children’s clinic at the Dortmund clinic and to families in need.