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Wilo-Solutions Finder(威樂小幫手)

Find the right solution quickly and easily with the Wilo-Solutions Finder.(使用威樂小幫手快速輕鬆地找到正確的解決方案。)

Our answers to your questions, all in one place: the Wilo-Solutions Finder. Wilo’s consultancy portal provides tools for selecting and configuring products, as well as Wilo catalogues and handy digital instruments to help you with everyday tasks. Find the solution that meets your requirements now.

我們一條龍式解決您的問題,Wilo-Solutions Finder(威樂小幫手)。威樂的諮詢入口網站提供用於選擇和配置產品的工具,以及威樂目錄和方便的數位儀表,以幫助您完成日常工作。立即找到滿足您要求的解決方案。

The right pump – every time(每次做正確的泵浦選擇)

Wilo-Select, our configuration and consultancy tool, has been completely re-designed so that you can choose the right Wilo products for your specific application in just a few clicks. And our replacement guide shows you which Wilo pumps would be suitable if you ever need a replacement.


Stay in the loop with smart technology from Wilo(使用威樂的智能技術隨時了解最新情況)

From integration into building automation systems to app-based remote control, we provide you with smart connections to your pumps and pump systems to give you an overview of installation sites and operating conditions while you are on the go. To find out more about connectivity, select one of the following products.


Available for the following products(可用於以下產品)

From the integration in building automation to control by app, Wilo ensures comprehensive communication capability with intelligent and smart technologies. We connect you smartly to your pumps and pump systems and give you an overview of installation sites and operating conditions whilst you are on the go.


All the details at a glance – our catalogues(所有細節一目了然-我們的型錄)

Whether you’re looking for products or spare parts, our catalogues will tell you everything you need to know about our products. Alternatively, you can browse our product catalogue by the application or building type – making it even easier to find the right product.