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Wilo - NL

Product Feature(產品特色)

  • Reduced life-cycle costs through optimised efficiency levels.
  • 通過優化效率水平降低產品生命週期成本。
  • Bidirectional, force-flushed mechanical seal.
  • 雙向強制沖洗機械密封。
  • L ow NPSH values, best cavitation properties.
  • 低NPSH值,最佳空蝕化特性。
  • Shaft coupling with or without spacer coupling.
  • 可選內含或不含墊片聯軸的聯軸器。


  • Pumping of heating water (acc. to VDI 2035), cold water and water/glycol mixtures without abrasive substance in heating, cold water and cooling systems.
  • (根據VDI 2035)在供暖、冷水和冷卻系統中泵浦運送不含磨蝕性物質的熱水、冷水和水/乙二醇混合物。
  • Applications for irrigation, building services, general industry, power stations, etc.
  • 灌溉、建築服務、一般工業、發電站等的應用。

CronoNorm - NL series

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