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The preventative replacement of heating pumps(熱泵的預防性更換)

LCC Check – Life Cycle Cost Check(LCC Check-產品生命週期成本檢查)

The pump replacement function in Wilo-Select 4 calculates the life cycle cost (LCC) of existing heating pumps for you and compares these concisely to the recommended replacement pumps. The result is you receive a meaningful efficiency comparison. Preventative replacement is thus often a nice and easy decision to make.

Wilo-Select 4中的泵浦更換功能可為您計算現有熱泵的生命週期(LCC),並將這些成本與所推薦要更換的泵浦進行比較。這結果會讓您收到一份具有意義的報告,代表著效率比較的資訊。因此,預防性更換泵浦通常是一個很好且容易做出的決定。

Savings potential and payback period are quickly determined


In order to allow you to make an efficiency comparison, we have saved more than 1,000 commercially available heating pumps in Wilo-Select 4. An example calculation for a current pump or even for entire properties can thus be performed easily and conveniently.

為了讓您進行效率比較,我們在Wilo-Select 4中保存了一千多台市售的泵浦。因此可輕鬆方便地執行當前泵浦甚至整個屬性的試算結果。

Savings potential and payback period


By indicating the possible saving potential in euros and the payback period, you can give your customer a solid basis for their decision to replace a heating pump.


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