Wilo-Vertical Turbine

Wilo - Vertical Turbine(立式渦輪泵浦)

Product Feature(產品特色)

  • Space saving
  • 節省空間
  • Engineered product: Pumps are available in variety of materials and construction to meet exact customer requirement.
  • 工業產品:泵浦有多種材料和結構可供選擇,以滿足客戶的確定需求。
  • High pump efficiency delivered with high flow.
  • 以高流量提升高泵效率。


Wilo Vertical Turbine pump is normally used in high-flow applications


  • Water supply (drinking water, raw water itake and sea water)
  • 供水(飲用水,自來水和海水)
  • Irrigation
  • 灌溉
  • Fire fighting
  • 消防
  • Cooling water of power plants
  • 電廠冷卻水
  • Flood control
  • 防洪