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Hydrogen - Sustainable energy source

From industry and transportation to heating, our society requires green energy in every area of life. This demands a solution that is CO2-free, storable, and transportable. The answer: hydrogen. It has vast potential as the energy source of the future. And Wilo has the potential to be a global player for the generation, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen.

The H2 Powerplant at Wilopark has been officialy revealed.

The power source of the future

In the two decades from 2000 to 2020, the share of total electricity consumption attributable to renewable energies has increased from six percent to 46 percent – and this development is set to continue. However, this alone will not be enough to meet the necessary goals of the Paris Agreement and slow climate change. Methods of efficiently storing, transporting and distributing renewable energy are also required. Green – CO2-free – hydrogen is not merely an ideal solution, but an essential one. Generated from wind, solar or hydro power, it can be used in a wide range of applications: in fuel cells for generating electricity and heat, as a raw material in industry, or as a source of fuel for transportation. It is the component that is urgently required to link the energy sectors and establish a sustainable global energy system. Countries that generate an excess of green energy can use hydrogen to export it, thereby facilitating the global energy transition. In this respect, green hydrogen has the potential to become the oil of the future. Wilo offers products and solutions along the entire value chain, from generation and storage through distribution to use in buildings, industry and transportation.


Hydrogen - the emergence of a global market

The advance of hydrogen technology around the world is opening up huge opportunities and potential – including for Wilo.

There are different ways of producing hydrogen. To use it as a clean form of energy, it is necessary to generate it via the electrolysis of water using only electricity from renewable sources, meaning that the resulting hydrogen is carbon-neutral. Wilo already has numerous products and solutions in its portfolio that can be used in the first stage, i.e. generation and storage, from reverse-running pumps for driving hydropower generators and pumps for cooling circuits in wind turbines through to rotor drive actuators for these turbines. And as hydrogen makes its way to the end user, there are further wide-ranging possibilities for using Wilo’s products, solutions and services, including in areas such as fuel cell technology. This applies not just nationally, but globally: From the USA to Japan, from Russia to the Netherlands, a number of countries are energetically advancing the growth of hydrogen as an energy source.

'Hydrogen will replace fossil fuels and enable Wilo and Germany as a business location to have an independent energy supply.'

Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group


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