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Installers choose Wilo underfloor heating pump

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Replacing a circulation pump for underfloor heating can be very easy when you choose a Wilo underfloor heating pump.

The Wilo-Stratos PICO and Wilo-Yonos PICO are the underfloor heating pump models of choice for installers. The Wilo-Stratos PICO is also known as the Wilo premium energy-efficient underfloor heating pump, thanks to its extensive range of options, large display and extended warranty. The Wilo-Yonos PICO is also referred to as the standard Wilo energy-efficient underfloor heating pump. Advantages of Wilo underfloor heating pumps:

  • Easy to install;
  • Venting routine;
  • Easy to set up using the green button and well-laid out display;
  • Customer saves energy, money and the environment;
  • Warranty.

Easy to replace

Wilo underfloor heating pumps are available in all standard sizes. The circulation pumps are available in 130mm and 180mm fitting lengths, RP ½ (15), RP 1 (25) and RP 1¼ threaded connections ( 30) and 1 - 8m delivery heads.

An existing pump, regardless of the brand, can be easily replaced using our online replacement tool. You will see pumps from the Wilo-Stratos PICO and Wilo-Yonos PICO series as possible replacements, along with useful tips.

The new pump is very easy to install without tools. After turning off the power, unplug the pump and unscrew the couplings from the pump. Using even less effort than you did for disconnecting the pump, install the new pump, with new seals, in the place of the old one. Then reconnect the pump electrically using the Wilo connector. Does the predecessor already have a Wilo connector? Then simply transfer the plug and apply pressure to the system.

Venting routine for proper functioning of the underfloor heating system

Circulation systems such as underfloor heating systems can only function seamlessly if no air is present in the system. They prevent premature pump failure, improve heat distribution, increase efficiency and make for a low-noise system. That is why Wilo has built in a venting routine mode in its underfloor heating pumps. In this mode, the pump runs on and off for 10 minutes in order to force the air to the highest point in the system. As an installer, you will vent the system, check whether the system pressure is still correct and apply more if necessary.

Green button technology makes setting up a breeze

The Wilo-Stratos PICO has a large, clear LCD display which, in conjunction with the green button, makes setting up a breeze. The same simplicity in setting up the pump can be achieved by turning the green button on the Wilo-Yonos PICO to one of the three setting modes with the easy-to-understand LED display.

For use in underfloor heating, select the "PC" mode in the Wilo-Stratos PICO, i.e. the graph with the complete horizontal line, then select the delivery head and the system is ready for use. As an extra service to the end-user, automatic night reduction can be activated and the key-lock function enabled. The latter prevents inadvertent setting changes.

With the Wilo-Yonos PICO, you do not need to navigate through a menu structure, simply turn the button to the right and select the appropriate delivery head. The Yonos PICO does not have a button locking function.

Both pumps display consumption data as well as fault codes when a fault occurs, allowing you to quickly find a solution to the problem that has occurred.

Reduce energy consumption, save money and help the environment quickly and easily

Conventional circulation pumps used widely in older underfloor heating systems are serious energy guzzlers. Technological developments in recent years have helped drive down the energy consumption of such pumps to such a significant extent that replacing them with new ones can result in up to 90 percent energy consumption reduction. Especially if you know that the underfloor heating pump is possibly one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. On average, an old pump consumes 770 kWh of energy per year, costing you about € 170/year. Using a modern pump, on the other hand, will reduce that consumption to 170 kWh per year and drive down your costs to € 35/year. The payback period for replacement of a standard circulation pump is often less than two years. In addition to venting, the operating mode of the pump also determines its efficiency for the end-user.

The Wilo-Stratos PICO also comes with insulating shells.

Underfloor heating pump with a minimum two-year warranty

The Wilo-Yonos PICO underfloor heating pump comes standard with a two-year warranty. The Wilo-Stratos PICO premium underfloor heating pump, on the other hand, is covered by an additional warranty period of three years, extending it to a total of five years. Thus, with the Wilo-Stratos PICO you are assured that your pump will stay in good working order for longer.

The right underfloor heating pump guaranteed

With a modern Wilo underfloor heating pump, you always have the right choice. The pump can be fitted quickly, offering end-users high comfort for low energy consumption. An old pump can be replaced in next to no time using our replacement table, or quickly selected with our pump dimensioning tool.