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Rapid assistance guaranteed.

Malfunctions can be frustrating and can cause a number of operational issues on a site. What if the pump fails or displays an error message? What support can Wilo provide? With our customer-oriented corporate approach, it is important to us that problems with your Wilo pump are solved reliably and sustainably. Our techinical team are able to provide you with solutions to the problems you face in a quick and efficient manner, irrespective of whether you need a repair on site or in-house at Wilo.

Reliable and sustainable – that is our aspiration.

The repair of failed pumps, however, must not only be reliable and sustainable, but also quick and easy. Wilo Service will ease the strain by providing you with neccessary solutions to your problem and will keep you updated throughout the entire process. Our Wilo service technicians are familiar with all pumps and can therefore respond quickly and specifically, with each work step documented in a service report.

Our Wilo service technicians draw on their competence and experience while consultating with the customer on site to decide whether the pump can actually be repaired on site or has to be sent in for a factory repair. The Wilo repair service also provides spare parts or a replacement pump to restore the operational reliability of the system as quickly as possible.

Our service for you:

  • Verification and elimination of error causes by experienced Wilo experts
  • Non-binding quotation for repairs
  • Technical support available via telephone
  • Electric-hydraulic test run to ensure correct data regarding functionality, quality and performance of the pump or system
  • Coating of various pump or system components for an optimised efficiency factor
  • Use of genuine spare parts only
  • Documentation of the repair in the service report

You can download a site visit request form here.

If you need support from a Wilo expert, you can engage our Wilo service here.

Our Wilo service technicians are on duty for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter how things turn out: one call is all it takes to get support from our pump experts. They will help you quickly and professionally with direct coordination.

Wilo's focus has been on the customer since 1872. We therefore offer a 24 hour emergency service so you can reach us at any time.

T 01283 523 000
F 01283 523 099 - Service Repair Requests - Service Technical Support (telephone assistance provided).

Available 24/7 - Contract holders only