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NEW... Stratos PICO

The smart choice this heating season

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Single family house for Building Services Residential - Cooling & Air ConditioningSingle-family house With Wilo-StreamAPL-Image for Building Services Residential - Cooling & Air Conditioningfor the application: Cooling & Air ConditioningFor the sub-application: coolingFor the sub-application: Air Conditioning

Heating pumps... here's everything you need to know

From selecting the right pump for your project, to learning more about functionality, technology and the difference between heating pump ranges, we've got everything you need right here...

The lowdown on heating pumps
CLose up of sewage drain.

Wastewater and sewage pumps... the lowdown

Find out everything you need to know about wastewater and sewage pumps, including selecting the right pump for the application and the differences in functionality and technology between pumps.

The lowdown on wastewater and sewage pumps
Join the ecolution with Wilo and safe energy by replacing specific pumps.

Save energy by upgrading to Wilo pumps

See how you can save up to 80% on your energy bill compared with outdated pumps

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Two simple ways to save energy and carbon emissions

Find a replacement for your outdated pump

For quick and simple pump replacement for a range of applications including circulation, multistage, borehole, drainage and sewage, visit the Pump Exchange.

Whether you’re replacing broken or outdated equipment, you’ll find the most suitable and cost-effective replacement pumps and accessories for your project, along with detailed product and technical information.

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Book an energy and carbon saving audit

Looking for new ways to meet your net zero goals? Upgrading pumps and pump systems is something that is often overlooked as a potential source of energy and carbon saving.

Our free energy audits demonstrate the real savings that can be made by replacing outdated equipment with highly efficient alternatives.

Our Sectors

Wilo produce a range of pumps and pump systems for both residential and commercial building services. From HVAC to water supply and drainage, Wilo has you covered.

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When it comes to Water Management - be it raw water extraction, water transport or drainage and sewerage, Wilo offers a range of products and can work consultatively with you to provide the right solution.

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Keeping your installations in the best health is vital for the smooth operation of your system. Wilo UK have great service offerings for maintenance and/or repair for when things go wrong. We can also help you out with genuine spare parts and advice direct from the manufacturer.

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Wilo-World - Our solutions for a sustainable future.

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Wilo-World - Startszene


5 Feb 2024

Wilo UK expands pump servicing capability with acquisition of Arfon Rewinds

Wilo UK has acquired Arfon Rewinds Limited (trading as Arfon Engineering Services) in a move that further increases the company’s water management pump servicing capability.

1 Nov 2023

EcoVadis Sustainability Medal 2023EcoVadis Sustainability Medal 2023

Wilo Commended for Sustainability Efforts with EcoVadis Platinum Award

Leading efficiency-first pump manufacturer, Wilo, has been awarded for its commitment towards driving sustainable practices.

19 Sept 2023

Sump pump installations are crucial as frequent flooding on the rise

Following news that communities are starting to receive the funding from the Frequently Flooded Allowance, plumbing installers are being urged to prepare for sump pump projects which could spike as the country looks to get on top of flooding.