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Wilo-Select 5 online – the next generation of pump dimensioning

With Wilo-Select 5 online, our tool for pump dimensioning, you can design your optimal pump system solution quickly and without fuss:

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  • Hydraulic quick dimensioning
  • Efficient project development with integrated pump comparison
  • Access to pump data archives

Optimised functions

  • Selection of product options, accessories and services
  • Operating cost calculation

Whether you are optimising existing systems or designing a new project – with Wilo-Select 5 online, you will find the right pump system solution for your requirements.

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Wilo-Select has been considered the industry standard for centrifugal pump configuration for years: With our digital pump consultant, you can find the best pump system solution for your specific application scenario easily and reliably.

With the next generation, Wilo-Select 5 online, we are offering you additional features, such as a rough calculation of the pump duty point, hydraulic quick dimensioning and optimised selection of product options, accessories and services.

Consistently make the right decision with Wilo-Select 5 online – it has never been so easy to design your pump system solution.

Immediately after entering the pump duty point, the hydraulic quick dimensioning offers you a clear overview of the appropriate pump series for your project. After optionally narrowing down the area of application, you can complete the product selection in the usual, proficient manner.

The integrated calculation and analysis of the life cycle costs, also known as LCC check, makes it easy to compare the operating costs of your current pump with the latest Wilo pumps. Wilo-Select 5 online selects the optimal replacement pump for your application while also delivering convincing arguments to help you decide.

The calculated savings potential in kWh and expenditure along with the determined pay-off time are summed up succinctly in diagrams, numbers and facts.

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Explore our lates and most efficient solutions for every kind of application.

Einfamilienhaus in der Wilo-World

Single family house

Wilo does not only care for warmth and security, but also helps to save energy and costs. The portfolio offers highly efficient solutions for the whole house: from the mobile pond pumps and lifting systems up to underfloor heating. Flexible installation, reliable operation and smart control are the key when it comes to your most private place: home.

Strasse mit Mehrfamilienhäusern und Wilo-Stream

Multi-residential building

We offer essential solutions to accelerate your sustainability journey in your living areas. Our aim is to enable residents of the same community to retain their comfortable lifestyle while achieving higher energy savings and more sustainable water use. Our smart water solutions and premium services are designed to solve our customers’ key challenges in heating, cooling, water supply, and disposal.

Wilo-Welt - Mehrzweckgebäude Ansicht

Mixed-use building

Smart mixed-use development is intended to bring many social and operational benefits. In many cases, these buildings combine domestic and non-domestic building units with different technical requirements and user behaviours.

Hochhaus in der Wilo-World

High-rise building

Whatever the climate zone, Wilo has the right products for high rise buildings. Whether a hotel, office building or shopping centre, Wilo guarantees optimal water supply and disposal – not to mention the perfect room temperature – across different building types by using a variety of innovative pumps and connective system solutions.


How to change the language?

Press the globe icon to access the languages menu. It is located on the top taskbar (fig.1). Select the prefered language from the drop-down menu (fig.2). This setting can be modified at any point in the application.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

How to change default units?

To open the unit configuration menu, press the symbol next to your username on top of the application taskbar (fig.1). Units can be changed with the displayed drop-down menus (fig.2). These settings are always accessible, allowing quick configuration at any point in the application.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

How to use the hydraulic quicksearch feature?

The hydraulic quicksearch menu allows product filtering and selection based on a user specified duty point. It is located in the top right corner of the Select 5 homepage (fig.1).

Step 1: Set a duty point by entering values for flow [Q] and head [H]. The units are specified by the current unit configuration.

Step 2: Select a mains frequency [50Hz or 60Hz] from the small drop-down menu.

Step 3: Make a selection by placing green checkmarks on desired products (fig.2).

Step 4: Press the mangnifying glass icon in the top right corner to add the selection to your project (fig.2).

Step 5: It may be the case that your selection includes pumps with different circuit types. A window will appear where the circuit type can be specified (fig.3). All products which are marked red, will be excluded from the selection. Press [Ok] to proceed with the project.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Why do I get no results for certain products in the product search?

With the product search, it is possible to search for and select specific products by name and article number. Using this option when searching for older products however may lead to no results being displayed (fig.1). When this is the case, use the out phased pumps search (fig.2). Both the product search and the out phased pumps search have identical functionality, but one is tailored specifically to the selection of older products.

In our example, we search for products of the "TOP-S" series and we get multiple results with the out phased pumps search (fig.3).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

How to display a life cycle cost graph for my selection?

The operating costs menu will be availble, once a pump selection has been made and a duty point specified. We recommend using the hydraulic pump selection or the hydraulic quick search for this use case (fig.1).

In our example, we use the hydraulic pump selection:

Step 1: Enter a duty point for a selected series of pumps and press [Next] (fig.2).

Step 2: Click the [Operating costs preview] icon, located in the top left section of the project overview (fig.3). "Please note, this option won't be available immediately after a manual pump selection or product serach.

Step 3: Place checkmarks on products to include them in the life cycle costs graph (fig.4).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

How do I import, export and save my projects?

To open the project management menu, click on the 3 bars to the left of the Wilo logo (Fig.1).

Import: Select [Open] -> [Import] and select a project file from your file browser which is to be opened. If this is loaded successfully, the project name appears on the top task bar (Fig.3).

Save: To save new projects, select [Save] -> [Save as] and enter a project name and project ID. To quickly overwrite previously saved projects, use the [Save alterations] option (Fig.4). Saved projects can be found in the [Project Database] (Fig.5).

Export: Click on [Export] in the menu and select a file format (Fig.6). Project files are saved in CEF or CEFX format.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

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