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CIBSE approved CPD seminars

Maintain your Chartered status with our CPD seminars, all of which are fully accredited by CIBSE.

Each presentation lasts 45 minutes and can be delivered online, at your local office or at our in-house training facility in Burton-upon-Trent.

Our in-house training facility also features working demonstrations of a wide range of our products - ideal for some additional "real world" training for your staff.

Interested? Contact us today to discuss a training package that's tailored to your individual requirements.

CPD courses currently available

We have a variety of certified CIBSE CPD sessions available, and are always intersted to hear about what we can add to our portfolio in future:

Drainage & Sewage

During this session you will take a look at the application of drainage and sewage, the theory around both and the benefits of applying pump products to them. You will also cover the selection process and how to make sure you select the right pump for the job.

To find out more about drainage and sewage applications click here

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High Efficiency Pumping

A session dedicated to the benefits of High Efficiency pumping and the ways in which various systems achieve energy savings. Variable speed pumps potentially offer 90% energy savings compared to old style fixed speed alternatives. In many cases, proactive replacement of existing installations provides attractive levels of ROI.

Find out more about the benefits of High Efficiency pumps

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This CPD session covers the application of boosting. Multi occupancy buildings and high rise blocks often depend on reliable booster pump systems capable of a wide range in duty depending on the number of outlets working at any one time.

Get details on our boosting range here

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Focusing on pressurised systems, we look at how this set-point can be maintained despite leakage or air ingress.

Read more about pressurisation here

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Surge Protection - Designing Out Hydraulic Shock

Hydraulic shock or water hammer can be devastating for water systems and associated equipment. Pressure boosting applications particularly within multistory buildings are vulnerable to this if the correct steps are not taken. The presentation aims to give an overview of the cause and offer some potential remedies or design features to limit risk.

See how our boosting products might fit in your project

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Rainwater Harvesting

Water is one of the world's most valued resources. As we move into a future of Globalisation, Urbanisation and Over Population - how we manage the scarcity of water becomes more of a consideration during the building design process. This unit looks at some of the applications where rainwater utilisation is a viable option.

Our rainwater harvesting range can be found here

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