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Kind donation helps young sporting stars back to the field

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Leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems, Wilo UK has donated a water booster pump free of charge to sporting institution East Kilbride (EK) United to aid the redevelopment of training ground, Kirktonholme Park.

The redevelopment will allow East Kilbride Youth Club and East Kilbride Young Men to participate in football once again. Thanks to the new and improved training ground, EK United are able to develop and encourage both boys and girls to participate in football from four years old to whatever age they want and multiple generations of the same family can play for the same club.

Kirktonholme Park, in East Kilbride, is a former council owned property that had fallen into a state of disrepair. The grass parks, although having excellent drainage, were not suitable for children to train and play. Thanks to work by volunteers, two grass parks have been developed and the old pavilion has been renovated to create a new club room, as well as a thriving café and clubhouse.

Despite the development of new grass pitches, the inherited irrigation system, water pumps and pipework were in a complete state of disuse. An unsuitable circulating pump was installed which got water to the parks and kept the grass alive, however an improved pump was needed to allow elderly volunteers to have as little labour intensive work as possible. With a difficult few months due to Covid-19 closures, Club Secretary, Mark McCreadie, reached out to pump manufacturer Wilo UK for help.

Wilo supplied a Helix VE 5203 Booster pump free of charge, which will help to ensure there is an automatic water supply as well as reliable irrigation to keep the pitches in playing condition. Club Secretary, Mark McCreadie, commented: “I reached out to Steven Walker, Wilo Area Manager Scotland and I couldn’t be more blown away by the response.

“I’m not sure if people who help voluntary organisations like us, realise what this kind of donation really means to a club like ours. Despite having the wonderful support of all parents of our 300 plus kids in the club, it means the money in the club, regardless how it was raised, is the kids’ money.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see young, introverted kids grow in a safe environment where they are properly supervised and coached, to become confident and have a sense of sportsmanship with others their own age.

“We want to give our members a first class and safe environment to play and socialise. So, on behalf of the players, coaches, first aiders, child well-being & protection officers, parents, committee and every volunteer, thank you very much Wilo!”.

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