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Welcome to the new, digital Wilo-World

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Technology specialists setting the benchmark in virtual customer experience

Dortmund. What would it be like if you could look at products and examples of how they work from the comfort of your desk? What would be the added value of a central, virtual starting point that offers information and experience in equal measure? How much would the work be made easier if all the technical data needed for design were available at all times and at any place? Wilo says: Welcome to the new, digital world of Wilo – welcome to the “Wilo-World”!

The new digital headquarters of the technology specialists, the Wilopark in Dortmund, is the digital inspiration for this virtual world where every detail is captured with photographic precision. “The journey through the digital world starts here. Real points of reference, in which our pumps, systems and solutions are used, can be visited and explored”, explains Katrin König, Head of Group Marketing of the Wilo Group. Customers can decide for themselves which areas they wish to access and thus receive an in-depth, virtual insight into applications and solutions. “The areas that can be accessed interactively follow our strategic objective of providing the right, holistic answers to the pressing challenges of our time as a premium provider”, says Katrin König. “In this respect, we’ve defined functional areas and present our tailored solutions here”.

Solution provider for a wide range of requirements

“In the ‘Wilo-World’, alongside the standard application fields of sanitary, heating and air conditioning, we’ll also be showcasing our expertise and application know-how in the areas of cold water applications, which is taking on increasing relevance worldwide due to rising urbanisation and water shortage”, explains Björn Sparbrod, Head of Group Product Management at Wilo. In the “Housing & Living Zone”, the focus is on water supply and disposal as well as heating, air conditioning and cooling. Customers can stroll past skyscrapers in downtown Moscow or get a glimpse of hospitals and hotels in the “Commercial & Institutional Zone”. For the champion partner of Bundesliga leaguer Borussia Dortmund, a virtual visit to Germany’s largest stadium, the Signal-Iduna-Park, is an absolute must in the so-called “Recreational Zone”. “All of the references shown in the new digital Wilo-World are real, and even the pump systems that are installed are representative of real-life installation situations as you would find them on-site”, explains Björn Sparbrod. This also applies to the irrigation projects shown in the “Agricultural Zone” or the offshore oil drilling platform in the “Industry” area. “With the Wilo-World, we’ve created a copy of the real world, which is unique to the industry in this form in terms of the level of detail given to both the architecture and the Wilo product in application”, says Björn Sparbrod. In addition to the Wilo-World, which is available around the clock, and its realistic portrayal of the applications, he also sees significant added value in the fact that more in-depth information can be obtained at any time from the online catalogue included.

“Benchmark in virtual customer interaction”

“The digital Wilo-World represents an important, additional point of contact with our customers and partners”, explains Dr Patrick Niehr, Chief Change Officer of the Wilo Group, who doesn’t see the digital world as a product of the corona pandemic. “With our innovative solutions and services, we continue to position ourselves as a digital pioneer of the industry. The new Wilo-World is setting another benchmark in virtual customer interaction and is offering something that goes well beyond traditional visual presentations”.

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