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Wilo UK provides local primary school with interactive whiteboard donation

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Leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems, Wilo UK, based in Burton, has donated an interactive whiteboard to Christ Church Primary School and Nursery

After replacing its boardroom whiteboard and not wanting the old screen to go to waste, local company Wilo UK has donated the recycled whiteboard to Christ Church Primary School and Nursery.

Mathew Pridmore, IT Systems Administrator, at Wilo UK comments: “I come from an education IT background and spent roughly seven years working in schools. I have seen how donations of technology can really help a school and was keen to give back with an opportunity of a large interactive board and projector being replaced in our main conference room. After a quick discussion with our finance director and managing director, it was decided that we could donate the screen, so I got to work. I contacted some local schools to ask if they were interested in the board and Christ Church responded back with a resounding yes! We arranged to deliver the board during Easter half-term to minimise contact and make it as safe as possible.”

Mrs Anderson, Head Teacher at Christ Church Primary School, commented: “Wilo’s kind offer of an interactive whiteboard was very much welcomed and I know both the teachers and pupils will be enthusiastic about this new addition when they return from the Easter break. We’re only five minutes down the road from Wilo so it’s great to see a local business to showing their support for the school.”