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Wilo gives Burton RFC a helping hand with its move to new stadium

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Burton Rugby Football Club have been settling into their new home in Staffordshire – with help from Wilo UK.

The club is one of the oldest rugby clubs in the world, with a history dating from 1870, when it was founded at the Swan Hotel in Burton.

In 2020, the squad left Peel Croft, Burton – their home of 110 years – to start a new era at a new ground in Tatenhill.

An impressive new clubhouse has been built at the new site, and Wilo UK has helped ensure the premises are fitted out with modern, technologically advanced facilities. In fact, Wilo is a close neighbour of the team because the company’s UK headquarters – at Second Avenue Centrum 100 in Burton – is only about a mile from the new stadium.

The project

Burton RFC – known as the ‘Crofters’ – moved out of Peel Croft, in Lichfield Street, after they sold the land to the German supermarket chain, Lidl.

The club’s new home is ‘Battlestead Croft’ in Branston Road, Tatenhill. Work is continuing to fit out the modern, purpose-built clubhouse, which includes a grandstand, bar, function room, and changing rooms.

Heatwise Systems Ltd was given the task of designing and installing a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system to provide heating and hot water for the new clubhouse.

How Wilo helped

As part of the scheme, Wilo UK provided pumps with smart features at an assisted price to give Burton RFC’s building project a big helping hand.

James Marshall, Technical Director, of Heatwise Systems Ltd, based in Bromsgrove, said: “From the start, the project needed to benefit the community and be environmentally sustainable. Plus, the hot water system had to meet all health and safety requirements in relation to Legionnaires’ disease, particularly with the number of showers that have been installed.”

Legionnaires’ disease can be spread by devices that produce a spray of hot water, such as showers, if it has had the opportunity to multiply in a low temperature stored hot water system, something commonly associated with GSHPs. Battlestead Croft has 32 showers.

James said: “Our solution to this challenge was to install a bespoke plate heat exchanger, together with a 5,000-litre heating water buffer tank and a Wilo-Stratos MAXO pump with temperature differential targeting.

“The system produces hot water instantly using the plate heat exchanger to avoid problems with large volumes of stored hot water at lower temperatures. This means any Legionella bacteria naturally present in the cold water supply doesn’t have a chance to multiply before being delivered to the showers.

“Meanwhile, the temperature differential targeting control ensures the pump only needs to run as fast as required at any given time to produce the hot water, rather than running at full power 24/7.

“So, with Wilo’s product, we’ve done some clever stuff.”

Heatwise Systems used three of the Wilo-Stratos MAXO 80/0.5-16 pumps for the project.

James said: “Another benefit of this Wilo product is it can operate in the most efficient way possible, to minimise electricity consumption.”

The results

James said: “The club had gas boilers at their old premises. But thanks to Wilo’s products, they can operate the heat pump system at their new ground with the lowest possible electricity input – which means lower bills.

“Burton RFC are delighted with the results. And for Wilo, this project was particularly important, especially because the team are so local to the company’s UK base.

“Wilo offered its advanced pumps with the temperature differential at a very special price, so the club could benefit from the savings the technology offers. It’s an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ product.

“The club are really proud of what they’ve got.”