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Wilo pumps chosen for renewable heating project in Worcestershire

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Wilo pumps are helping a filtration products manufacturer to reduce its carbon footprint.

Wilo circulation pumps were picked as part of a major project to install a renewable heating system at Barton Firtop’s new headquarters in Worcestershire.

The Wilo-Yonos MAXO pumps were chosen by Bromsgrove-based Heatwise Systems as part of its work to install a water source heat pump system at the purpose-built plant in Kidderminster.

The project

Barton Firtop was looking to reduce its impact on the environment as part of its move to Silverwoods Business Park, in Stourport Road, Kidderminster.

The engineering company had previously been operating out of three separate locations and wanted to relocate to a large, single site.

The move to the 3.6-acre site will enable Barton Firtop to continue its growth and meet the increasing demand for its products, which are sold around the world.

James Marshall, Technical Director of Heatwise Systems, which designs and installs commercial heat pump heating systems, said: “Barton Firtop wanted to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations by installing a renewable heating system for its new premises.

“We were brought in to review a variety of potential heating options, and it was decided a water source heat pump would be the most efficient and best for the environment.”

How it works

The scheme involved drilling two boreholes and extracting groundwater from the aquifer below the building. A heat pump is used to transfer heat energy from the water to the building’s heating system, and the cold water is then returned to the aquifer.

A Viessmann Vitocal 300-G PRO heat pump was selected for the project – along with two Wilo-Yonos MAXO-D 80/0.5-12 circulation pumps.

James said: “The Wilo circulation pumps feature twin heads, which offer a reliable back-up. So, in the very unlikely event there’s a problem with one of the pump motors, the other head can be used and the system can continue to operate.”

The results

James said: “Wilo was chosen because its products are reliable, energy efficient and good value. Its circulation pumps are helping ensure the new heating system operates as efficiently as possible.

“Barton Firtop has been able to move out of its three old, poorly insulated buildings, which had old heating systems. Now the company has a large new building with good insulation and an environmentally friendly heating system, with much lower running costs.

“Plus, Barton Firtop has applied to receive Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments from the Government – making the project financially viable.

“With the water source heat pump system, there’s no gas or oil; just a bit of electricity that comes from a renewable source.

“Barton Firtop couldn’t be happier with the results.”