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BACnet ensures optimal engineering

BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) is a network protocol for building automation. By connecting to BACnet universal communication is possible between field devices and control technology with a freely usable standard. The strengths of BACnet lie in its global standardisation as a vendor-neutral and open protocol, its self-documentation and the associated robustness and reliability in terms of engineering and operation.

Networking of field devices made easy

With the BACnet/IP Wilo offers an easy way of networking field devices with BACnet. Additionally Wilo supports the cost effective BACnet MS/TP which is based on a single pair of wires. Routers can be used for the transition to other media.


  • Stratos GIGA series
  • Stratos GIGA B series
  • CronoBloc BL-E series
  • Yonos GIGA-N series
  • CronoLine IL-E/DL-E series (SW >= 4.00)
  • VeroLine IP-E/DP-E series (SW >= 3.00)
  • Helix EXCEL series
  • Helix VE series
  • Economy MHIE series (SW >= 3.00)
  • Multivert MVIE series (SW >= 3.00, 0...4 kW; SW > 4.00 5.5...22 kW)
  • MVISE -3G series


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