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Here you can find the latest Wilo documents and, for example, catalogues, price lists, brochures and manuals.
Click through our media library and learn more about what Wilo has to offer.

Wilo Philippines

Company Profile

Wilo Brochure (Industry Segment)

For Textile Industry

Wilo Brochure (Industry Segment)

For Cement Industry

Wilo Brochure (Industry Segment)

For Sugar Industry

Wilo-General Overview

Our pumps and systems for heating, air-conditioning, cooling,water supply as well as drainage and sewage.

Wilo General Catalogue Water Management

Explore our solutions for Water Supply, Drainage and Sewage

Wilo Leaflet

General Leaflet

Wilo-PSS Series Catalogue

Stainless Steel Borehole Pumps

Wilo-Pressure Boosting Systems Catalogue

Wilo Hiboost and PUZeNE Series

Wilo-MHiKE/PBI-L Product Brochure

Home Booster Pumps

Wilo Drainage and Sewage Pumps Brochure

Pumps and Pump System for Drainage & Sewage, Wastewater Collection, Transport & Dewatering

Wilo-Jet Series Product Brochure

Shallow and Deep Well Pumps

Wilo-MISO Pumps Product Brochure

End Suction Pumps as per ISO 2858

Wilo-Split Case Pumps Brochure

Axially spilt case pump mounted on a baseplate