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Wilo - Actun OPTI MS

Product Feature

  • Fully autonomous and cost-efficient water supply utilising solar power
  • Easy electrical installation via integrated frequency converter and without the need for parametrisation
  • Optimised water output thanks to high hydraulics and motor efficiencies and dynamic MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking – ensures the operation of the solar panel at maximum performance level)
  • System-specific flexibility thanks to wide range of services
  • Increased durability and reliability through high-quality materials and an encapsulated motor design
  • Additional operational reliability by using integrated safety devices
  • Straightforward remote access to the submersible pump’s operating parameters and settings using the Solar Connect tool in the Wilo-Assistant app
  • Notifications via push messages when the operating status changes


  • Specially designed for operation with photovoltaic modules
  • For water supply and drinking water supply from boreholes and rainwater storage tanks
  • Process water supply
  • Sprinkling and irrigation
  • Pressure boosting
  • For pumping water without long-fibre and abrasive constituents
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