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Wilo - KPC

Product Feature

  • The pump’s own weight ensures self-centring seating in the
    discharge tube, and an O-ring seals it; quick to install or remove
  • The slim motor minimizes discharge tube flow losses
  • High reliability thanks to bearing temperature monitoring, vibration
    sensor, thermal motor protection, leakage sensors in the motor and
    connection space, and leakage monitoring of the mechanical seal
  • Low-vibration hydraulic system; inlet ribs and optimized bellmouth
    for vortex-free inflow
  • Absolutely water-tight cable entries prevent any water from
    entering the motor – even in the event of a damaged cable


  • Irrigation and drainage pumping stations
  • Stormwater pumping stations
  • Raw and clean water pumps in waterworks and waste water
    treatment plants
  • Cooling water pumps in power stations and in industry
  • Industrial water supply
  • Aquaculture


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