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Wilo-HiMulti 5

Product Feature

  • Low noise - 50dB lower the normal conversation noise 60dB.
  • High efficiency with inverter technology uo to 33% energy savings.
  • Completely new design and easy set-up via green button.
  • Applied engineering plastic with high corrosion resistance to all parts contacting water.
  • Able to use more safely and economically with remarkable protection action.
  • Suction available up to 8 meters.


  • Pumps designed for pumping and pressure boosting of clean water in the residential sectors.
  • Pressure boosting of water from roof tank, break tank, ground tank, other static water supply etc.
  • Water supply from shallow well. This pump is for indoor installation.
  • clean water : pH6~8, no foreign matter (can occur decrease in abrasion resistance of product and nstable automatic operation due to foreign matters)

HiMulti 5


HiMulti 5

Installation & Operation Manual