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Oliver Krischer visits Wilo’s H2POWERPLANT

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The Minister of the Environment, Nature and Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia visits the Wilopark.

Dortmund. The Minister of the Environment, Nature and Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia, Oliver Krischer, visited the Wilopark in Dortmund. While speaking with the President and CEO of the Wilo Group, Oliver Hermes, Krischer learnt about the H2POWERPLANT, which is used at Wilo’s headquarters. Krischer had already committed himself to the project as it was being constructed shortly after taking up his post, for which Oliver Hermes once again thanked him personally.

The main topics under discussion were ramping up the hydrogen economy and concepts for a sustainable energy supply in the region. Wilo President and CEO Oliver Hermes explains: “If you look at the federal government’s targets in this area, it’s clear that there’s a lot of catching up to do. But I’m optimistic that politicians have understood the urgency and will take the necessary steps to reduce bureaucracy, especially in the approval process.”

The National Water Strategy adopted by the federal government last year also came up in discussions at the Wilopark. Its objectives, especially in the area of water infrastructure, are also important for the federal states. Krischer and Hermes agreed that this is a joint challenge for industry and politics and that more European thinking is needed.