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Premium pump systems “Made in India”

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Wilo Group opens new main production site in India

Kesurdi. The multinational Wilo Group has opened a new plant in India. In Kesurdi in the west of the country, a sustainable and ultra-modern high-tech production complex has been built on a 94,000 square meter site.

Here, the technology group manufactures premium pump systems for water management in India, the Middle East, Africa and South-east Asia.

Wilo now has 16 main production sites around the world. “We’re pleased to be able to further expand the global Wilo production network with this opening”, says Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group. “With the new site, we meet India’s increasing importance in global trade. The expansion of production capacity in India is thus in line with the group’s global ‘region-for-region’ strategy.” With this strategy, Wilo aims to meet regional customer needs with products manufactured locally. “In addition, we’re strengthening our presence in India as an attractive employer”, Hermes continues. Wilo is creating around 1,500 direct and indirect jobs with the opening.

The site combines sustainability and innovation. Wilo only used environmentally friendly prefabricated parts for construction. Complex energy management and water treatment systems significantly minimise the plant’s CO2 emissions. “It goes without saying that we consistently take environmental aspects into consideration from the outset in a new building project”, explains Georg Weber, Member of the Executive Board and CTO of the Wilo Group. The photovoltaics on the factory rooftop alone reduces CO2 emissions by 1,200 tonnes annually – an important step towards becoming carbon-neutral, which Wilo aims to achieve at all its sites worldwide by 2025.

“Everything here is absolutely state of the art. The technology, processes and products are completely in line with Wilo’s premium concept”, Weber continues. In Kesurdi, ultramodern machines and production facilities are used to manufacture, among other things, the largest products in the Wilo portfolio: the Wilo-Vertical Turbine pumps, which are up to 42 metres high. They are used, for example, in drinking water supply, agriculture and flood control. To test them, Wilo built Asia’s largest test basin at the new plant. “The pump systems produced in Kesurdi make a significant contribution to the secure supply of energy, water and food in visionary large-scale projects”, Hermes sums up.