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As one of the world's most important growth regions, Southeast Asia offers a huge expansion potential for the Wilo Group, not only for the Building Services market, but also for the Water Management and Industry sector.

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Malaysia – a central hub for the Southeast Asia region

For this reason, the Wilo Group is investing in the strategically important location of Malaysia and has now opened a new assembly plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which will serve as a platform and will supply the entire SEA region with Wilo pumps. Being strategically located, Malaysia is well connected with all countries within the SEA region and as a member of RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Pertnership), it offers the opportunity for economic benefits thanks to the trade agreements between the participant countries.

Important step in order to further expand the market position of the Wilo Group in Southeast Asia

Jens Dallendörfer, Senior Vice President Sales Region Emerging Markets of the Wilo Group and board member of the East Asia Association, emphasises the importance of the Asia-Pacific region for the Wilo Group, home to one third of the world's population. "With the platform in Malaysia, we are investing in the central hub of this strategically important economic region. This is an important step in order to further expand our market position in Southeast Asia in line with the Wilo Group's “region-for-region” approach and to benefit from the expected growth in the relevant business areas. As part of this, we are systematically pursuing the goal of meeting regional and local customer requirements with products that are manufactured locally.”
Vignesh Nathan, Managing Director, Malaysia and Region Group Director SEA, highlights: “With the investment into the new assembly line, we have laid the foundation for expanding our local added value and to accelerate the export activities from Malaysia to the neigbhouring countries. Furthermore, it will enable us to position the Wilo brand even stronger and more visible in our region. We are all highly motivated and appreciate the trust of the Group into the local team, we want to take this positive upswing with us into the upcoming months and years in order to continue on our profitable growth path.”

Short setup times despite difficulties during the pandemic

Despite the challenges during the pandemic, the assembly plant was set up within 1.5 years. An outstanding achievement by the on-site team considering that the new facility does not only have an office with dedicated training rooms, but also a modern assembly line and an own state-of-the-art test bench.
The first pumps of the Atmos GIGA-N pump sets have already rolled off the assembly line, and production of vertical pressure-boosting systems is planned as of the end of 2021.

In-house test bench monitors quality standard

A special highlight of the new platform is the in-house test bench for end-suction pumps, verticle in-line multistage pumps, pressure-boosting systems, fire-extinguishing systems and axially split case pumps. The functionality of the assembled pumps can be tested directly on-site in accordance with ISO 9906. The standard, which is valid as an acceptance test, specifies tests of the hydraulic performance for the acceptance of centrifugal pumps (radial, semi-axial and axial pumps) by the customer and ensures the required high quality standard of the locally produced pumps.