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Wilo-OEM Solutions

Thinking ahead together – for your success

With OEM Solutions, what is visionary is just a step away from reality. As the leading original equipment manufacturer, we see ourselves as part of your business and we know exactly how crucial your processes are. We work with you to develop customised innovative solutions making you a pioneer in your market. We produce these solutions for you at the time you choose, to sustainable, top quality. This will benefit your entire business. From senior management to purchasing. From logistics to research and development. Thanks to highly committed teamwork for your success.

Imagine you had a partner who fully understood your workflow

For us, partnership is about having such a thorough understanding of you and your business that we are perfectly placed to pave the way for your success. We want to speak exactly the same language as you. We want to be familiar with every detail of your processes. In this way, we can develop the right expertise, which enables us to partner with you to develop tailor-made solutions.

With our passion for your business, our many years of experience and our extensive range of products, we make it easy for you to win over the market. Every aspect of your business will benefit from this thorough understanding. The success of our customers is due to the way that each area of responsibility has been able to easily attain its specific requirements and goals. Our style of teamwork is geared up to facilitate this. It enables your top-level managers to pursue visionary goals. It means your operations manager can rely on smooth processes. Your research and development staff can use innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. Your sales team can use exact prices when performing calculations, thus ensuring cost certainty. Your engineers can get excited about highly efficient solutions and your quality management team will have a reliable process guarantee.

Rely on first-class expertise. From the product through to applications.

We have around 500 experienced and skilled employees who put their efforts into developing excellent solutions. Together with and on behalf of our customers, they consider how to exceed the status quo. This approach involves our innovative research and development teams and our experts in electronics and motor technology, as well as our versatile test laboratory and the extensive range of existing system modules and custom-developed integral system modules. These aspects are foundational to the expertise from which you benefit during day-to-day collaboration. We can provide this level of quality because we focus on specific areas, which allows us to acquire especially detailed knowledge. This sharpens our ability to see the best possible solutions in the areas of heating, cooling, solar thermal technology, geothermal energy and sanitation.

Imagine you could find a tailored solution for any application

We want to be able to offer you a tailor-made original equipment product for any kind of application. Our exceptional market knowledge allows us to offer an extremely varied range of pump series and enables us to meet almost any requirements. We also offer custom-developed integral products. In addition to their variety and powerful advantages, all of the series are of extremely high quality and have the highest possible levels of efficiency. They all use the latest technology and benefit from the full scope of Wilo’s expertise. You also benefit from the security that is provided by the wide range of services offered.

Wilo-Para STG

Wilo-Para SC


Wilo-Para - the most reliable OEM pump

With the new Wilo-Para a new generation of circulators for the OEM-business, installation and commissioning are very convenient thanks to its compact design, easy setup combined with predefined standard settings. To be able to serve the individual OEM-customers the comprehensive range consists of self-controlled pumps (dp-v, dp-c, n-constant) and external controlled pumps via IPWM or a LIN bus interface. Several smart functions are available via the Green Button Technology supported by a unique LED user interface.

Product features:

  • Easy integration through backwards compatibility and compact design
  • Maximum flexibility for the OEM achieved by late customisation of predefined settings
  • Easy handling and commissioning thanks to Green Button Technology and a unique
  • LED user interface
  • High operational safety through clever operational functions like manual air venting, manual re-start function or return to factory settings
  • Easy replacement thanks to front access to the signal connector, the pump data and to the motor fixing screws
  • Up-to-date online product information accessible via QR code