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22 Apr 2024 Tradition & Innovation

Reshaping Manufacturing

Quality Sustainability

Innovation is the foundation of progress, and at Wilo, it's not just a buzzword – it's a commitment ingrained within our DNA. Our recent accolades at the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award (MIMA) showcase our dedication to pioneering solutions that help reshape the manufacturing landscape.

Wilo: Dedicated to Digital Transformation

Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group, emphasizes our role as digital pioneers in the industry. With a proactive approach to digital transformation, we continue to lead the charge in leveraging technology to overcome contemporary challenges.

“Digital transformation offers many opportunities. It’s a key factor that helps us meet the challenges related to the big megatrends of our times”, says Hermes. “We are the digital pioneer in our industry. That’s why we’re driving this transformation forward proactively – in our state-of-the-art production site too, of course. The MIMA is a welcome acknowledgment of our work.”

MIMA 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Adaptive Worker Assistance

In mid-March, the Wilo Group has been awarded the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award (MIMA) in the “Add Value!” category. awarded for its “Adaptive Worker Assistance”.This innovative technology, situated within our Smart Factory, revolutionises assembly processes by providing personalised guidance tailored to each employee's skills and experience level. “The adaptive worker assistance impressively demonstrates how digitalisation can support our employees in their daily work and ensures not only best-in-class quality, but also the exceptional delivery reliability of our products. The intelligent technology, tailored to each individual's level of knowledge, puts the employees in the foreground while smart algorithms run in the background. We are certain that the adaptive worker assistance is one of the key solutions to counteract the shortage of skilled workers,” explains Dr Mahmud Al-Haj Mustafa, Senior Vice President Group Operations.

Christian Berger, spearheading digitalisation at our Smart Factory in Dortmund, underscores the Adaptive Worker Assistance as a pinnacle of Industry 4.0 standards. “The adaptive worker assistance serves as a prime example of versatile, self-adapting solutions. The system's ‘smartness’ enables it to meet the highest standards set by Industry 4.0 for today's production environments. The Adaptive Worker Assistance is therefore rightly regarded as a reference module within the Smart Factory.”

This system shows that innovation is not just about technology; it is about empowering people and enhancing productivity.

Adaptive Worker Assistance: Changing Production Processes

The Adaptive Worker Assistance is not just a technological marvel; it is a game-changer for our production processes. By providing step-by-step instructions and adapting to individual proficiency levels, it streamlines operations, reduces onboarding times, and elevates both quality and productivity.

Nurturing Innovation

We have been living innovations for over 150 years and are proud of our innovation culture. With a professional innovation management, we constantly support this culture. Therefore, all employees can contribute their ideas through our WINGS program. During our annual WINGS Champions Summit, we bring together our top global innovators with thought leaders, influencers, and experts to exchange ideas, share insights and provide inspiration for future innovations. As a highlight, the executive board presents the Wilo Innovation Award in four categories during this top event.

Adaptive Worker Assistance also received the Wilo Innovation Award in 2023. “Worker assistance shows how digitalisation creates tangible added value in the industry – without ignoring people,” explains Georg Weber, member of the executive board and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Wilo Group.